Rother Valley Half Marathon 17th Nov 2013

Tempted to enter this one.

I did the Rother Valley 10k a few weeks ago, which was 2 & a bit laps of the lake.  Anyone know if the Half Marathon is similar (i.e. 4-5 laps of the lake) or does it go elsewhere in (or out of) the park?

The race website is a bit sparse




  • Gravitas,

    I was chatting to the organiser's at LVM exbo this year and they where saying they wanted to make it around the lake but also around the other lake next to it they do speed boating on. Not seen anything about it since but got the inprestion they where still deep in talks with the site about what they could do. Wouldn't be surpriced if they don't give information out till the last minute.

    Probably going to do it myself for a laugh but not sure yet if this one will be a special one or just a good way to get out of the house yet.

  • cool, good to know.

    I was going to do Worksop this year (to beat my godawful time from 2010) but missed last three weeks of any exercise whatsoever due to a virus.

    Back running again this week, but Worksop is a bit too soon for me to do a decent time I think, RV may be do-able (aiming for close to 2 hours).

    I'd like to get a close to 2hr half done by the end of this year, if possible

  • Don't forget there is clowne half the weekend after this one won't be flat through but they do normally have nice goody bags. image

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