Bike fit at Worcester University

I'm contemplating going to these guys for a bike fit and I wondered if anyone here has used them?



  • Well, I've had the information from them and I've decided to start my training off right by getting one done in a few weeks.

    I'll post a report after.


  • Please do, not far from Worcester so would interesting to see if any good!

  • It seems interesting from the info they have sent.

    I've gone for the 3d option which is £130 for 2.5-3 hours. Full fit, any parts they use are cost price and you get a full report. I've no idea what they will make of me or the bike but it'll be a learning experience!

  • Just got back from 3 hours at the university.

    It was an interesting experience. I went for the 3D option which was £130. The chap I was with was called Joe.

    The session started with some questions about what I want from the bike, what my plans are and some background.  He then did a series of tests on me, testing my flexibility (which is lacking), reach, examined my feet and range of motion. It was very thorough.

    He then had a look at my shoes and the cleats, he suggested some inserts for the shoes as I'm flat footed (which I already knew). He adjusted my cleats which were almost correct but needed moving back a little

    We then moved onto the bike and I cycled for a while and he took some video to get an initial look.  Before I did that him and another chap measured everything about the bike, angles, sizes etc.  Then I was decorated with little white shiny balls, most on me but some on the bike.

    We then moved on to cycling at 3 different effort levels and they captured a wire frame of me, which looked far slimmer than me!  I felt like I was filming part of the matrix or something.

    The result of the analysis was a bunch of angles and measurements. Many of them were already in the ranges that they would aim for but my back was too rounded and the angle of my arms was too wide.  They worked through a bunch of changes, a shorter stem, adjusted the seat, shortened the aero bars, put on an Adamo saddle (which felt great) and slowly worked through it. I already had a fast forward seat post which they aid helped.

    At the end they set up my current saddle on my old road seat post so that I could use that in the position when I just want to road ride and I've got the fast forward which I'll put an adamo on.

    They are sending me the measurements today and I should get a full report next week.

    All in all it was a really good experience. Not just from the bike perspective, just from chatting to someone about what I am planning to do and how to get there.

    I'd recommend it.





  • Sounds very thorough and worth the money!

  • It also sounds to be well priced by comparison with some of the others in the region.

  • I thought it was good value. I was surprised by the examination of me they did. They measured my hip flexibility and took that into account on the fit. No point adjusting the fit to an angle I find difficult. I knew there would be one but it was more thorough than I expected.

    You don't have to have your own bike, there is a rig they can use instead. I'd been looking about for a few months but this was local and also unbiased. They weren't trying to sell me anything and the new stem was provided at cost price.

    This is them.

  • The Adamo saddle that they recommended (and I tried out during the fit) arrived this morning. After fitting it to the bike with the measurements they gave me I went out I did a 20 km route that I do quite often. I knocked 5 minutes off my pb for it and that was with a head wind for some of it.

    I spent far more time down on the bars than I ever have and it felt really stable.

    All in all I've convinced myself it was well worth it.
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