Spare Abingdon marathon place

I've a spare Abingdon marathon (20th October) place to transfer if anyone would like it? 



  • deedee I might be very interested in it if it's still up for grab's. image

  • Doh beat meimage


  • pink just waiting for the all clear from my better half as not sure if we have already made plans for that weekend so don't worry I might not have beaten you. Assuming deedee still has it mind you they don't have the message me thingy set up.

  • its madness on my part anyway as I've got Snowdon week afterimage


  • hi cake,

    its still up for grabs! if you defo want it, you need to message me your name and email address, i will email the organisers and they send you an entry form.

    you can pay me through pay pal - £38 I think.

    let me know!

    (bit gutted, I ran it last year and really enjoyed it but been a bit injured ever since)




  • Deedee just messaged you sorry for the delay was on a training course yesterday.

  • I have another spare number if anybody else is interested?

  • i'll take it pleaseimage

  • Great! pinkbug, message me your contact details and we can sort it!
  • susieanna* have just messaged you.

  • I also have a spare place

    The event was sold out back in March and places are sought after. Race rules allow for transfers before the end of September so you will be running as yourself.

     Anyone interested?

  • Any places still available? I would love to run it this weekend. Please let me know. 

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