Am I delusional

My entry to the Berlin Marathon was a 50th birthday gift and challenge to myself. I told the world at large I would bag a good for age in this one (as a woman of 50, that only needs to be under 4hrs) having just missed one a couple of years ago in a similarly flat and Teutonic one (Leipzig 4hrs 2 mins). Training was well underway, although I missed the odd day. However, after a 22 miler two weeks ago ITB inflammation and knee pain in right leg rendered me incapable of running more than 5 miles. I am now resting/cross training and intend to attempt a Park Run after 5 days of such rest. If it doesn't hurt, I'll do a longer run next day. My question, what if I tapered from now until race day on 29 Sept, so basically threw my training schedule out of window? Would I still have a chance to break that 4hr? My most recent (hilly) Park Run time was 23.14, half marathon 1:49.


  • You might have a chance depending on training and also a bit of luck. 

    But question I've got to ask is do you know exactly what the injury is or are you guessing? If your guessing might be worth while getting yourself checked out properly before deciding what you want to do?

    No point causing yourself a a long term injury for something that might be good and will just take a trip to a phsysio to get sorted.

  • Sports massage or physio to check it out, still in with a chance to do the Marathon. There are loads of people starting threads at the moment all with similar symptoms and a marathon at the end of the month.

  • Suppose I should go to the physio, but it's expensive. The symptoms seem all too familiar, having had ITB issues before my last marathon. Thanks for advice.

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