malta marathon comp

Hi! I was just wondering, if the winner for the Malta marathon entry, hotel and flights has been announced yet or when? Thanks




  • and there was me hoping I was the only entrant in the competition!

  • urmmm, no Andy, I thought *I* was the only one! See you there again image

  • Hi Betty Spaghetti. 

    How was your wine run yesterday?

    i thought it was great and really enjoyed it

  • Oh gawd - how on earth did we take 4:58 to finish...and one broken-ankled green bottle! It was a fab run (well, stagger) and certainly one for again next year! How did you get on? Was it you who finished all the wine at the last stop?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Andy/Betty - are you talking about Bacchus? I was there as well.

    I heard that it was two romans who finished the wine at the last stop.

  • Hi Emmy - yes it was the Bacchus half.  A great atmosphere imageimage

    One of the Reading RR was doing her best to clear the sparkling wine.

    No - Betty Spaghetti - not me.  Sorry to hear about the broken ankle in the Green Bottle crew - hope you are well.

  • So.............


    Have I won then? image

  • Hey , has anyone on here run Malta marathon before? My first marathon abroad... Little nervous tbh
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Cara - I ran it last year. If you can do it under 4.30 - you'll be fine but if you're closer to 5 hours - make sure that you make ass to the metal to get in under the cut off. I didnt like this race as I was a slower runner and thought that it was poorly organised for those (nothing left at the end (incl. medals), roads were reopened before the cut off was reached etc.

    The support is minimal throughout and expect it to be windy

  • I can't make it ...but my club Portsmouth Joggers has about 60 people going inc won't be able to miss them!!!!

  • Thanks Emmy , I should be running it around 3.30 although this seems like it's a fast race! I booked flights etc ages ago but now I have second thoughts of going as I've got into London which I'm sure will be much more fun from what you've said about Malta
  • gambs monster wrote (see)

    I can't make it ...but my club Portsmouth Joggers has about 60 people going inc won't be able to miss them!!!!


    Gambs - have the Maltese authorities been pre-warned of this?  Especially if Bettyspaghetti is their "leader"....image

  • What Emmy said about generally it being a better experience if you're faster is certainly what I've seen though (fastest time there was a bit over 4h and it was much livelier!). I finished in 5h dead last year and got a medal (phew) and now I'm glad I wasn't any slower - that must have been upsetting.


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