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  • Andi , excited i am.

    Mace nice to hear from you ,all is well?

    VT I've been there, yes siree.

    Chickadee wish you well and sooner then later.

    Carrie you asked about improvements sooo

    4.1.12 ran 11 miles in 1.56 mins at 114bpm ave 71 % MHR 

    12.6.12 ran 11miles in 141 mins at 115 bpm ave 72 % MHR

    14.3.13 ran 11miles in 1.35 mins at 116 bpm ave 73 % MHR


    8.8.13 ran 11miles in 1.42 mins at 106 bpm ave, 66 % MHR. 

    Same route  similar weather except for last example. Which is slightly slower but look at the HR !



  • Chick so sorry to hear that - hope it gets fixed quicklyimage

    Andi well done fella  - that's a great improvement image

    Spen I only skim read it - not for me, yet.

    Dr Dan nice easy 5.3m yesterday, and great subLT today !

    VT solid 11 miler I the heat yesterdayimage

    BeDe LoL image

    Carrie I've been Hadding 15 months now, and my paces have increased across the board - from 1m to marathon.image  Good luck at the parkrun.

    Mace hi.  Brian's on the P&D thread, I think...

    Roy great stats to prove the power of Hadd !!

    Just a mini 200/200 session for me - 3m of 200m at 6'15" then 200m recoveries at 8'50". I didn't do the full 10k as I'm doing a Half at MP on Sunday. All fine hereimage

  • Roy, you da man! Wow!

  • A lot to catch up on from yesterday but the highlights for me are the improvements for Roy and Andi, well done fellas and it proves Hadd does work.

    I was in my local running shop yesterday and chatting to one of the lads who works there. He has has been training and racing to heart rate this year but not following the HADD plan. He mixes up his sessions but does things like 15 mins in zone 1, 15 mins in zone 2, a few hills in zone 3, 15 mins in zone 1 etc. He told me that it has taken him quite a few months but working this way has seen his running imoproveme quite a lot. The key word he used was 'patience'. Hmm, now where have I head that before.......image

  • great improvement, roy image

    patience is key but it works. Can't wait to get out there again .... at least I can walk relatively pain free today image

    BeDe: how is your recovery coming on?

  • Checking in.....

    Hope everyone's well and happy, hope the hadding is keeping you all out of troubleimage

    I'm still lurking but work has clamped down on Interweb usage so have kept a low profile of late. Also pretty busy at work and of course have been building the miles as my target (marathon) race is just 4 weeks away.

    Will try and stay in touch with the new fred over the next few weeks.

  • Morning everyone image 

    Some great improvements byyou all, i knew it would work but seeing the stats are great but patience you say... i know i've heard of that.. image

    Chick glad you're getting better, Teknik good luck with your half today Andi i should've chosen 4 wheels, 2 is great for cross training until you come off...then not so good  image

    I did my parkrun yesterday which i really enojyed, i never though ti'd enjoy a 5k so much, managed a 25'33 which i thought was a pb but turns out i've done a 25'11 as a normal run bah!  But, my maxHR was 184 so used that plus 5bpm to work out todays 75% which if i'm totally honest was quite a fail!  I went over relatively quickly and then my pace was all over the place trying to get it down and stay down. I was a little pee'd off as well having received a few messages from a proper nutter overnight and after 3 miles was winding myself up, HR went up and i thought sod it and sprinted home to work it off.  

    So lesson from today is set my pace to 5k + 3 mins and work on that for a while image

    Have a lovely sunny sunday image

  • Carrie running at 5k + 3 takes the pressure off gazing at the HRM until things settle downimage

    Brian Hiimage

    Chick glad you're slightly betterimage

    Carter, yup...image

    Hope everyone else is ok...

    Bit of an up and down day here.  Got to my Half early and set off on my own for a 5 mile warm-up. I felt strong and trotted along sub8mm and sub70%max. 

    I got back for the race, and had intended to try out 7:30mm to see if the HR and breathing was going to be up for that as "MP". Nope.  Had to keep slowing down after mile 6 to keep the HR down, and by mile 12 I gave up and just raced home.  1h40:09 - so 7:37mm but HR way too high.image

    I added another 1.5m at the end to make 19.7m for the day.  It was quite humid, so there is still hope, but I think I'm heading closer to 3:30 than 3:15.

    week's stats: 76.1m in 10h21, avg.pace 8:09mm, avgHR. 73.5%

  • Waves to Brianimage

    Carrie - I concur with Teknik. I have moved over to the 5K + 3min and it certainly does stop you looking at the HR whilst running. Much more relaxed and I only see the HR stats when I upload them. I know from experience that my HR will come down - currently at 75%-77% at 5K + 3min.

    Tek - impressive mileage (one day, maybe) image. Tough call on the HR rate but as you know on any given day our stats can change for all sorts of reasons.

  • Teknik, great week mileage wise,  and punctuated with a good quality long run.

    Much the same fof me acksherly. Went early to a 10k at Littleborough, did a 12M warmup and a 2M cool down. 40:21 for the race, and 2:32 for a tad over 20M.

    HM next week the taper time image

    BeDe, how the hell are you?

  • OK thx Brian - started running again in August, but slow going. Still, gives me chance to build a great base over winter, but mileage low at moment.

  • HADD myself a run today...


     This was a progressive (7 70%; 7 @ 75%; 7 at 80-83%). Felt incredibly good the whole way. I might actually be peaking at the right time...great confidence booster as I start my taper.


  • Hi Brian! Hope all is well as you zero in on your race.

    Tek, more hay in the barn. I wouldn't sweat it. When you are rested from the taper, you will be capable of more than now when you are logging these high volume weeks. You'll be fine.

    Chick, hope today was a good one too.

  • Brian - hi!image And a very nice 10K within 20M!

    VT - that's a great progressive run.

    Tek - all good data. Better to find out that 7:30 is too hard now than in the marathon.

    19M easy miles for me early yesterday ... disapointed though, as I wanted to run 22-24 but ran out of time (my son had a race at 9:25 and I was meeting him at the start line). The 19 felt comfortable at 8:34/m but I think it was a wasted opportunity as another 5M at MP would have turned it into a good final 20+ ... I should have got up even earlier. I'm now trying to think how I can fit in anotehr long run ... I have a 10K next week but wanted to push hard at that, rather than incorporate it into a 20+.image


  • BeDe thanks - I had decided to run Frankfurt on feel/pace, but I'm veering back to running the first half on HR (then going for it...)

    Brian what a way to knock out a 20 ! 

    VT super long run, great statsimage.  I'm certainly looking forward to taper time...

    Dr Dan nice long run.  I'm now going to follow your advice and dial back the subLTs to make them more comfortable.  As for your 10k - you know what Peteq2 would say - sod the 10k, you're FTimage

  • Bede, sounds like you have a plan. Stick to it and bake a ginormous cake.

    Vt, going into the taper full of confidence. Good progressive long run, and heres hoping for a text book taper.

    DrDan, well done getting the long run. You're in great shape considering your compromised build-up.

  • Wow, what a fast moving thread.

    3 weeks into base training and I think I've hit a mini plateau, don't feel as if I am making great strides. I guess everyone training at low HR gets this. There are lots of positives I guess - zero fatigue, bags of energy, finding it easier to stay low (not mastered it but getting there)  - but I am really beginning to look forward to speeding up, feel like I'm running with hand brake on. 

    I have Robin Hood Half Mara on Sunday. Booked ages ago. Don't want to sacrifice the gains of HADDing and will have to be very disciplined. What's the assembled wisdom on races during base training?

  • Johnny - I'm in a similar position to you in as much that I have only recently started HADDing. For what it's worth I think you can go for it and it wont have too much impact on your training, but there are more experienced people on here who will come along with more sound advice. I hope they tell you it doesnt matter as I want to do something a bit different every few weeks to break the monotany !

    Some great running from folk over the weekend. Well done everyone and those entering taper time, enjoy it !

    I didnt run over the weekend, home life just getting in the way. Even though I'm not training for an event I feel I need more routine in my running so I can force myself out early on a Saturday morning. As you know, I've been having a few issues with my heart rate monitor, which today saw me run a mile in about 2:50 ! Time to change the battery and see if that sorts it out.

  • Question for the group.

    I've had a busy weekend and consumed quite a few beers and eaten plenty of rubbish. How much can that type of weekend affect my HADDing and heart rate readings etc ?


  • Hi everyone,

    I have been reading this thread for a while now but thought its about time to jump in, if that's ok with everyone image

    I decided to give Hadding a go a couple of weeks back as my times in recent years have begun to plateau a bit. I've never actually used a heart rate monitor and thought it would make a nice change to try a different strategy this winter.

    Anyway my heart rate monitor arrived from Amazon today and eager as ever I went out and did the maximum heart rate test, as prescribed by Hadd. As per Hadd's suggestion I ran 800 metre all out and achieved a MHR of 168, and then (after 2 mins rest) followed it with a 400 metre sprint for which I got a MHR of 170. Can I take it from these results that my max heart rate should be 170. It seems a little low (especially compared to Joe's which was 193) but I'm pretty sure I did everything right. Is a high or low MHR indicative of anything do you know? Out of interest my weekly mileage is around 40-45 miles per week.

    Anyway, I was thinking that I might re-do the test tomorrow to make sure its right. Any thoughts?


  • Welcome James,

    Doing a HR test is the same as running a race, you should be rested and prepared for it, and as a race you would not run 2  in 2 consecutive days.

    Give it a week or two and in the mean time use the information you have as a base line ie  170bpm being your max.

    You don't say how old you are, this usually has a bearing on you MHR, don't be concerned about anyone else heart rate.

    Mine is 160bpm but I am 57 years of age.

    So until your next test, run at 70-75% of your present max reading.                       This type of training you will need lots of patience, and I know if done right will pay off  big time .



  • Roy - thanks for your comments. I'll leave it a week or so before testing again and in the meantime I will crack on with some easy 70-75% running. I think that works out at 120 bpm which is going to feel so slow...I guess I'll have to really concentrate initially but I'm sure it will come for natural as time goes on.

    Thanks again
  • James, if 75% is too slow go for a slightly higher HR but over time bring it down.

    best of luck.

  • James - if 70%-75% feels too slow, try your 5K pace and add 3 mins. It's an initial alternative until your HR at that given pace starts to drop.

  • Hi Carter, don't think the weekend one-off eating thing does any harm. The drink will raise your hr the day after generally.

  • Welcome james. Hrmax is not a big issue at this stage. Just smell the coffee and keep it easy for a few weeks. Dont confuse the intensity with time though, time on your feet is important jn this initial phase. Try and get out for 60mins plus, for the adaptations to occur.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Cheers BeDe image

    Andi, yes you were just about starting on the thread as i took a bit of time away from HADD.

    I was toying with the idea of training for an Autumn Mara but at the age of 47 and being fairly new to running i decided against it and looked at improving over shorter distances. So did some more speed work but still kept a good deal of easy stuff aiming around 70% max. I've found it much easier to judge this now and don't fret over HR any more but just review after a run. It hasn't done me any harm and i've smashed the targets i set myself around the start of this year

    Got a half this Sunday then i'm going to do some base building up until XMAS ready for Brighton Mara again next spring ( if i don't get into VLM via the ballot )


    Brian - long time no "see", hope you're doing ok. I did stalk you the other day and noticed you've been enjoying doing some shorter stuff over the summer.

    Chick - that's a shame about your back and i hope it gets better quickly

  • Thanks for the advice guys.

    Just went for my first 70% run this lunch-time. I was actually quite excited.  Really enjoyed the slow pace and actually didn't have too much trouble keeping the pace at 70%, which I think averaged about 5.35min/km.  Glad to finally get going. I've got my hand on the base of that toothpaste tube! It will be a long road ahead.

    Brian - I usually run for about 45mins to 50 mins every day in my lunch-hour and then longer at the weekends. I wonder if the lunch-time runs are long enough for the adaptions to occur - I would go for longer but unfortunately I have to get back to my desk within the hour. Over time I was thinking of doing doubles on some days (lunch-times and evening). Do you think this would be effective or is it more about continuous time on your feet? 



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