Need new shoes - similar to the Asics Gel Nimbus 12

Hi all,

Long time lurker - first time poster!

I'm a marathon runner / triathlete and am in the market for a brand spanking new pair of running shoes.

I've been running in Asics Gel Nimbus 12 for the last 3 years, the best pair of shoes I have ever owned. Unfortunately I cannot find a pair for sales anywhere these days.

I bought a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 14 recently, however I have not fallen in love with them, I am getting serious blisters on the ball of my left foot, they don't seem as comfortable at the Nimbus 12 range overall.

Can anyone suggest a shoe similar to the Nimbus 12s? (I have normal gait, medium arch and am a front/med foot striker.)





  • Try going to a running shop. You can try on lots of other shoes and you can see how they feel on yer little tooties. Maybe you can fall in love all over again with a new pair.

  • I plan in doing exactly that, however I was hoping someone here had some experience running in Nimbus 12s and had managed to find a new shoe.

    Anyway thanks for your reply!
  • Hi P Du, snap!

    I started running in 2011, had gait analysis and was recommended Asics Gel Nimbus 12s and I loved them - never had so much as a single blister from them. I only replaced them a couple of months ago (should have been much, much earlier as they were completely broken) and ended up with Nike Air Pegasus+ 29 and they're just as fab as the Asics were. Interestingly, the guy I go to (Neil Featherby - fastest marathon runner in Norfolk - at Sportlink in Norwich) said that the soles of running shoes become really hard and solid over time so even if I'd found some 12s somewhere they probably would have been no good.

    Try some Nikes and see what you think image

  • Hi norfolklass,

    thanks for the reply, I'm going to head down to the local SweatShop this weekend for a gait analysisand I will definitely take a look at the Pegasus+ 29s while I'm there.

    Interesting point about soles getting solid over time, I would have never considered that!



  • Hi

    I am an Asics Nimbus fan, however I was persuaded to try the Brooks Glycerin by my local running specialist shop. I don't LOVE them, but they do the job. Suspect I may return to Asics when I next need to buy a new pair.

    I find sock choice is almost as important as shoes, and the Brooks aren't as 'tolerant' as the Asics when it comes to what socks I can wear with them.

    Good luck with your search


  • Thanks for all the replies everyone,

    I went to to SweatShop on Thursday and after trying on and testing Brooks Ghost & Glycerin, some New Balance & Adidas, I went with a pair of Nike Pegasus 29+.

    I've done a couple of short runs and one 15mile run in them so far and they seem solid enough, different to the Asics but definitely have more bounce than my ancient Nimbus 12s!

  • good aren't they? really bouncy to walk in. I love mine so much I bought a second pair and am alternating between the two.

    hope you don't have any problems with yours!

  • I like them, looking forward to seeing how they handle 20+ miles!

    Thanks for the advice everyone! image

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