Bracknell Half Marathon 2014

The Bracknell Half Marathon will celebrate it's 30th anniversary in 2014 and the race date has been set for Sunday 27th April. The entry fee has been held at last year's £20.40 and entries will be open early in November. We looking forward to greeting old friends and new faces at the end of April. The race has come a long way since that cold wet April Fools Day 1984 and we are grateful to the local communities' support for keeping it going this long. See you all at the end of April


  • Important update from Bracknell Half Marathon Organisers. Just 14 more days until the entries open for the 30th Anniversary Race. I know a number of you like to grab the low numbers, but who will get the lowest. Be ready!! 

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Oh yes. This one is firmly in my calendar. Excellent event and all credit to Mr Vaal and his team.

    I had No 1 in 2010 image

  • I have this down as one for next year so I'll be competing for that low number Muttley image

  • Hi Loz

    it would be good to see you at this event. if you're free you can come to ours after the event. 

  • Are you running this as well then Andy, sounds good to me but don't worry about cooking us Sunday lunch or anything image

  • Got unfinished business with this one...


  • Don't tease people Chris, last year your daughter had number 1image

  • That's a good point Marathon Mum 262 - but she won't be getting number 1 this year as she hasn't yet paid me back for her entry last year!

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I am not Chris Vaal's son image

  • runlozrun wrote (see)

    Are you running this as well then Andy, sounds good to me but don't worry about cooking us Sunday lunch or anything image

    Just a cheese sandwich then Loz?  Yes, I've done this event the last two years.

  • BRACKNELL HALF MARATHON ENTRIES ARE NOW OPEN! The race has sold out for the last 7 years - enter early to guarantee a place

  • Well the cheese sandwich swung it for me so I'm all signed up image

  • Did you get number 1 Loz?

    I'll sort my entry this weekend...

  • Just entered.

  • I'm in - later than planned, but now sorted image

  • Hi Chris, are there many spaces left for this year? image

  • Plenty of places left at the moment, although the post Christmas surge of entries has started. I anticipate selling out towards the end of March, if not a bit earlier. 

  • is the route particularly hilly? thanks.


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    No. There's a couple of gradients, in particular one about halfway round and lesser ones in the second half of the race but no killer hills. Plenty of flat but also plenty of twists and turns. A fairly fast course.

  • super. thank you.

  • As a fellow race organiser I feel really sorry for Peter Evans and his team at Wokingham following the cancellation of tomorrows race. Whilst not on the same scale as the floods in the West Country it is still pretty wet round these parts. For charity runners who have already collected money from sponsors and want to take part in a race to achieve their targets the Bracknell Half Marathon at the end of April may be an option. Entries are still available by visiting and looking in the Leisure Section for Bracknell Half Marathon

  • Entries for the 2014 Bracknell half Marathon will be closing soon. Even allowing for a percentage of "no shows" we are rapidly approaching the race limit. To avoid disappointment book your place NOW!

    Entries will close on or around 6th April if not before.

  • I'm in!


  • Entries for the Bracknell half Marathon 2014 are now closed. The Organisers will not be making any further places available.

    The Runners Packs for entries received on or before 8th April have been were posted out second class on Friday 11th. The last few will be processed and posted out in the next couple of days.

    If your pack does not arrive after a week or so (factor in Easter weekend) please e mail the office and let us know. A replacement pack will be made available at the information desk on the morning of the race. Please bring ID to confirm you are entered. E mail address is


  • Is there any sort of late entry possibility?
  • The race Organisers do not operate any form of late entry system - sorry

  • Ok thanks anyway.
  • Looking forward to Sunday.  I managed a few good runs during the extened weekend.

    Friday - 6 miles

    Saturday - parkrun (5k)

    Sunday - 10 miles  image


  • runlozrunrunlozrun ✭✭✭

    I've come down with another bloody chest infection and am on antibiotics at moment. 

    Was hoping it would have cleared by now but Sunday is looking unlikely at the moment image

  • sorry to hear that Loz - that's what put me out of the Brighton marathon a couple of weeks back.

    PS - he'll do anything to avoid my cheese sandwiches.....

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