Notts half!

Anybody doing notts half ths month?  And has anybody jumped up the full one as its on this year! 

I still only been running for a couple of years so not done a full one yet and would struggle to find the hours to train for it! 



  • Thanks 

  • Great day and new "pb" hooray

  • Hi Scott , just seen you results in the Robin Hood half , CONGRATULATIONS !!! fantastic result

  • Thanks 

  • When's your next race? 


  • Hi Scott , i feel like we are playing cat and mouse with .....


    Its on October 27th image

  • Yeah hello and good to hear from you , I am avoiding the other thread! 

    What you doing on 27th?

  • Me to ..........and you


    Its a 10k event for Macmillan



  • Need our own thread maybe?

    What time you after?  Where ? 

    Out all weekend by the way at our open meet at "ponds forge",so will not be on till Monday I expect!  Owen swimming and we working as it's our own sherwood open ! 

  • Yes lets set up our own thread ........image


    Not as fast as you speedy .......mayb around 2hr

    Its in midlands

    Owen is your boy ?





    Ok what? 

    Ok go for it 


    yeah image X

  • Where is the race again? 

    Thread name? image

  • Race in midlands image


    I don't know what to call it to keep it private if u kinda see what I mean (help)




  • Needs to be boring title! 

    How you doing? 


  • hey hey hey am, goooooood


    Thing is I am never boring !!! and I really don't think u are either !!


    How was swimmimg all go to plan ??

  • hello you 

    Knowbody following this do yu tink?

    You exciting then 


  • I don't think anyone is ............


    and I am extremely exciting LOL

  • hello well there following this thread!

    How exciting! tell me! image

  • Guys you do realise threads that have just been posted on go up to the top, Im not sure you can just have a thread to yourselves that no-one will notice  ....... might be time to exchange emails at this point ....... just saying ..........image


  • Mr Anon, do you really think that is 2 people !

  • Hi Mr A - good that youa re back but really Mr A nonymous as a name, would have thought you would have at least gone for Mr A Nal.

    By the way this thread is the worst internet porn ever.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Someone's going to turn up to fix the fridge in a minute.

  • Naaaaaaaaaaa  seen that one

  • Porn when I was a lad was much funnier. Most of the guys looked like Rudi Voller and the crys of 'yar, baby'' always sounded funny. I guess in the end photo copiers just became more reliable and the storylines couldn't be realistically maintained.

  • Te he te he ,

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    to be fair most of the women looked like rudi voller too 

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    We're talking about a time when steroids were easier to get hold of in East Germany than Levi's.

  • It was also a time when Rudi Voller's hair style wasn't out of place elsewhere on the 'actresses' body. Oh what times.

  • I wonder whether that was what confused Frank Rijkaard at the World Cup in 1990. Perhaps he mistook Rudi's hair for that of an actress's bits, and was merely readying it for action.


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