Ashtead 10K

Hi - how do I sign up for this race? I can't find the online entry anywhere?


  • I'm having the same problem . . . Clicking on the "Entry now open" hyperlink on the event website just takes me back to the RW page for the event with no sign of an entry link.  Anyone help?

  • I'm sure Dr Rob will be along in a minute...  We got an e-mail last week to say that there were only 70 places left.  Perhaps it's full?

  • Help! Me too ... would love to enter ...

  • I'm having similar entry problems here Rob when trying to enter my kids in the 2k funrun

  • Do we know if there is any availability left?... 

  • Sorry all... Only just found this thread (after the race). I think everyone got into the race that wanted to, in the end!

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