Bristol H M

Doing the Bristol HM on 15th September. Staying over near to race start for ease. Anyone have any tips for this race? 

Thank you.


  • I've run it the last 2 years. It's a nice flat, fast course. Might be a bit windy on the Portway section, and there will probably be some congestion for the first mile or so.

    Toilet queues weren't too bad last year. Assuming you're a bloke, look out for the urinals - very short queues for those.

  • Save a little energy for the last 3 miles or so!  After the Portway section you enter into the City Centre and the cobbled windy streets can be tough on tired legs!

  • Thank you for your responses image

  • I will be trying it out as my first ever (running) race.


    I expect I will be one of the straggelers, but running past our flat near the end should add some impetus to keep going.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I did  it last year and  did a pb by nearly 2 mins. Its all about the Portway, 7-8 miles of straight flat. It was still ish last year so my time was made on that and the rest was hanging on. I must say, I found the last 3 miles quite desperate, winding back and forth on yourself through the city centre constantly in touching distance of the finish. Support on those few miles was brilliant though.

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