Tokyo 2020

What do you think then?


  • Spain - Puerto, Turkey - dopedopedope - Japan - Yuki Kawauchi + a wonderful job in '64 . Starting to save now image ... 

  • Didn't think madrid would get as it's to soon after Barca and London ( as another euro capital). Also, cqan they aford it?

    Istanbul is a bit odd as it's considered part of Europe but still a gateway to asia.

    I think Tokyo was the obvious choice since it'll be 50+ years since they last held it and 32 since Seoul (sp)


  • Why three "evils"? Where do you suggest as an alternative?

  • All the events will be on at silly times on the telly!

  • I wanna go to tokyo

    Started saving already 

  • would like to have seen it go to Istanbul, but Tokyo the safe choice. 

  • Well I was thinking none of the three was a good choice.

  • Fair enough, but why -  and what have been your alternative?

    Apart from the Fukushima thing (and this will give the cleanup added impetus I should think) I think Tokyo was a good choice.

  • kittenkat wrote (see)

    No strong feelings, other than wondering what the mascots will look like.

    KK, if he is not the mascot, then I think we as a nation should seriosuly consider a boycott!


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