Blisters under arches of feet

In the last 6 months I've been experiencing blisters on my longer runs.  It's so frustrating having to stop because my feet fail rather than my fitness. 

I've gradually built up my distances and they seem to occur on distances of more than 10K under the arches of both feet.  I initially thought it was just due to the heat on really hot days but I get them every time I run.

I used to run in hard sport insoles which I changed for specially fitted softer ones but this doesn't seem to have helped.

It happened again yesterday and I thought 'bollocks to it' and just kept on running, good news is I managed my longest ever run of 20K, bad news is I have a massive blister at least 10cm x 4cm along the underside of my arch image.  I know I should've stopped but it was gonna blister anyway so what the heck...

Popping/draining them and covering with plasters is not an ideal long term solution... (and yes I do let them heal before I run again!) especially if I want to enter longer distance events.

I've read on some threads that double skinned socks may help, but they are expensive!  Can anyone recommend a decent brand or where to get them from??

Or would I better off going to see a proper running/foot person?

Any advice greatly appreciated.


  • Are you running in adidas trainers by any chance??????  I know lots of people, including myself, who have had this problem whilst wearing adidas.

    Perhaps you need to replace your trainers - could be the shape of yours is not suitable for your foot.

    Good luck sorting it out.

  • Am running in Brooks.  Have doctored some compeed blister plasters to make one large enough, will also maybe try putting on before I run when it's healed again...

  • Are you tiying your laces too tight ? , I got a good few blisters on the inside of my arch when I did this .I also bought some proper running socks which are thicker and better padded in these areas but I think it had more to do with the laces as once your feet swell while running as the side of the shoe is pulled in thats how the blisters start.

  • Interesting,  I've got some of those xtenex laces that you don't need to tie.  Maybe they're too tight.. next time i run i'll loosen them off a tad and see what happens.  Yes I have cheap padded running socks (karrimor) from sports direct.

  • I got some asics running socks more because i run in asics runners but im sure there are loads of good ones and they were about £12 a pair but I though they were well worth the money and the only blister ive had in recent times was when my insole wore at the edge and rubbed .

    Id get one good pair of socks just too see ,blisters are a torture you shouldnt have to suffer .image

  • Hi sue,

    1. Trainers- how long have you had them? Miles? Got a friend who's complaining of the same thing until he realised they had broken down over time. 

    2. Socks (as stated) its worth investing in a decent pair as they do stop blisters. 

    3. Has your running style changed at all? 

    Hopefully should be simple to fix once you work out what's the weak link image

  • I'm inclined to agree with the other posters here - try some really good quality socks.  I always found Hilly Twin Skin socks great and stopped me getting blisters and that 'hot spot' on the ball of my foot.

    Or, the Hilly padded socks are also fab - you'll have to experiment a bit to find the right ones.


  • Thanks for all your comments image

    My running style and technique have probably changed over the last year as i've got fitter and stronger.  I've had my trainers about 9 months and at a very rough estimate have probably done around 200 miles in them... they should still be ok (?).

    Cor.. there's so many types of padded and twin skinned socks, not sure where to start... but Hilly is a brand I've heard of.  They do some twin skin padded anklets for £11.99 so will get a pair to try out.

    Can't wait to heal up so I can start experimenting! lol image


  • Don't underestimate the importance of 'good' socks. I've gone through cheap ones, middle of the road and expensive ones (£15-20 a pair). Hilly, Drymax and X-Socks are one I've used. For me X-Socks have proven to be worth every penny. My only complaint is they make too many different models.

    True paying £20 or more for socks does not guarantee blister free feet, but socks from reputable companies who specialise in runnung socks are a good start.

  • I also have this problem, I run in brooks and sauconys that have been fitted, I also bought the hilly twin skin socks, nothing seems to help me.

  • I will try not tying my shoes as tight and see if that works

  • If you are desperate buy the book Fixing Your Feet or see the web site

    My favoured for ultra distance has been

    dry conditions: a spray on polymer (flexitol blistop) topped with a quality talc

    wet conditions masses of vasaline

    Better though is to track down the cause of the motion that is causing the rubbing.

  • I used to use massive taping on mountain marathons. Choose a quality sticky zinc oxide (I found elastoplast much better than own brand).

    The book has lots of taping solutions.

    I must say though that unless you cannot afford, trying a different shoe has got to be worthwhile

  • I also had under arch blister problems but only on one foot. I tried a few pairs of expensive socks, Hilly etc. I seemed to not only get blisters but also my feet used to heat up in the merino wool type.

    So I tried some cheap More Mile socks from off of Amazon, which work very well for me.

    I will say that what I actually think cured it for me was being very careful with my lacings every time I put on my shoes.

  • Foot has healed enough to run again.  I loosened my laces off a bit and it was ok over 5k.... will try a longer run tomorrow.   Hilly socks have been ordered, looking forward to trying them on a much longer run.

  • Socks not arrived yet but so far so good on a longer run at 10K. 

    But.... last night was hill reps with the club and one of my feet has blistered again!!  However, this is the foot which wasn't blistered before so I didn't loosen off as much as the other.  Will loosen this one more and see what happens.  The experiments continue!

  • Have tried loosening the laces, and have also tried hilly twin skin socks.  Still got massive blisters under arches of both feet today 11k into a run.  Who should I go to see about this... I'm thinking I might need some specially made insoles?  Is a podiatrist the right person to ask & any recommendation? 

  • Try lots of different sock and also a different pair of shoes in your experiments.

    i have had 2 blisters one on a short run with posh hilly socks.  The second on an ultra when my shoe to loose. 

    I wear shoes really tight and with cheap padded karimor or nike socks. 

  • Since I stopped tying my shoes so tight Ive not had any more problems with blisters,

    Thanks for the good advice

  • Body Glide work s wonders. 

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