Windsor half

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has done the Windsor Half before, if so is it very hilly? signed up for it earlier this year but my training has been decimated by work commitments and a new baby arriving. Up to 7- 8 miles at the moment but have heard there are some beast hills.




  • Hi Murph2.

    There are some hills, but I wouldn't say that they are beasts. My approach is to shorten stride a bit, head down and concentrate on rythmn. before you know it you are over the top and cruising.

    Windsor is a favourite of mine, a very nice run through beautiful parkland coupled with good organisation. Hope you make it there.

  • Hi Percx,


    Thanks for that. Yeah I've decided to run and just get round, no attempting a PB.

    Thanks again for the reply.


  • Hi Percx,


    You were not joking about the hills, especially between miles 8-9. But a great event and a proper challenge. The only gripes and they are minor is the 1pm start time and the water in plastic cups.

  • Hi Murph.


    Yep, agree with the start time and the water, though I didn't bother having any. Thought the weather was just about right. Glad you enjoyed it.

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