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I'm not a runner, i just need some basic help with what footwear is needed.

I have Avasclar necrosisof the second metarsal head so i basicly have a dead crumbling bone in my foot near to toes.

I'm ok todo gym  as long as i'm sensible so gym classes are fine.

Classes i do are high impact high energy, eg, bodycombat, body attack, step, body energize, bokwa.


Been doing these classes for over a year and 4 month ago i decided my foot was starting to hurt, the fitter i got the more i could give to a class hence the reason the foot started to hurt more than usual

I use Mizuno wave prophcy 2 for high impact classes and allthough they do'nt seem the softest they are better to wear then the other trainers i have ( adidas glide 4 and sequence 5, use these for weights,bikes) as i can do alot of work before foot starts to hurt.


I'm looking for something that has a hell of alot of forefoot cushioning as that's the part of the foot that get's used the most in the classes and as i can now push myself harder than ever i really need to start to look after my bad foot.


I have a budget of around £400 and i'm looking to have 3 or 4 trainers for this price to last me the year, hate wearing same shoes all the time.



The review on this site have info on forefoot and heel cushioning, i'd just like to make sure i'm correct in what i'm looking at and links are below, be greatfull if somebody could share there wisdom.

99 forefoot


90.3 forefoot


And i use these

85.1 forefoot



Thankyou for any help given.




  • Have you looked at Hoka One One ?
  • I have a pair of Saucony Powergrid Hurricane 15's, they have plenty of forefoot cushioning & are very stable too - without being very heavy. Don't know how they did it but for me they're the best I've worn. ATB!

  • +1 for Hoka's - they are very light, but VERY cushioned.

  • Thanks for replys guys, i had'nt seen the Hoka's, wowee they look right up my street with massive amounts of cushioning image.

    I have a few £'s to buy a few shoes, would anybody know if these would give more cushioning than the saucony omni 12 ?


    Infact next week when  order i'll most likely just order a pair of Hoka's first and g from there as i may not ever want to wear anythng else ? image ?

  • I've never worn Sauconys, but I can't imagine there's anything out there with more cushioning than Hokas, unless you want to strap a couple of mattresses to your feet!



    I take it there the ones i want ?


    I'll report back in a few weeks as i'll be ordering at end of month and let you guys know what i think and how they affect my foot.


    Thanks all.

  • Them's the ones. 

    Can you get to a shop to try them on for size? I found that they came up smaller than my other shoes.

  • Nothing local i'll order from a decent shp then just incase i need to retrn them for a different size.


    I'm a size 9, take it it would be a good idea then to order size 10's.

  • Go for the hokas! I've also had issues with my right forefoot and using hokas have got me back to running ultras when I was at the point of being unable to run a 10k without extreme forefoot pain.

  • As far as sizing goes, I was also unable to try on a pair.  I went half a size up from my normal runners (1 and a half sizes up from everyday shoes) and they are a perfect fit. Pete Bland sports had some good deals on hokas not long ago, free postage too, and have no problems with exchanging if they don't fit.

  • Thankyou image

    Pete bland does'nt have the best offers on at the mo i do'nt think.

    Seems the site below has a good size chart  image

  • Michael, can you let me know where is the cheapest at the mo?  Always looking to pick up some at the right price!!


  • Dno, still searching allthugh Pete's prices are'nt looking too bad after all.

  • Jeez, I just had a look at the Hoka's, never heard of them but they look like they have serious cushioning. I may take a look at them for my next pair but worry about stability?

  • I found the stability of the Mizuno prophecy 2 tobe worse than the normal trainers i was wearing but after a few hours in them i find that my body/ankles ect are more stable as i can do quad stretches easily where as at the start i was nearly falling over while standing on one leg.


    I'd take to the Hoka's like a duck to water most likely if they have a stability issue.


    I'm 100% set on just buying a pair of hoka's now and saving my money, i need forefoot cushioning and they have it image.


    Thankyou everybody for all your help, i'm very greatfull.


  • andy x wrote (see)

    Jeez, I just had a look at the Hoka's, never heard of them but they look like they have serious cushioning. I may take a look at them for my next pair but worry about stability?

    Andy - although they look like platform shoes(!), they are wide as well as high and your foot kind of sits 'inside' the cushioning, rather than only on top of it, if that makes sense.

    I feel no less stable in these, than a pair of minimal zero drop Inov8s that I also run in. 

  • Thanks Pudge, they look very interesting & I'll be looking closely at them when I need new shoes soon. I was also considering looking at the Newton shoes as although I run on the fore/midfoot, I can't get along with Inov8's etc. I like cushioning as I have joint problems, the Saucony's are great though but I could still do with a bit more cushioning. Looks to be plenty on those Hoka's!

  • Just alittle udate.





    Shame the Omni is'nt in stock so its held up my whole order, Milletsports suck for sellingthings they dont have in stock !


    I realise its thin ice with these Nike Airbags but seeing as how they carry a 12 month warrenty i'l just get them replaced if bags goimage


    I'll update once i have them and have done some classes with all 3.


    Thanks guys.

  • Thankyou !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The Stinsons come today and they are seriously the best thing my feet have ever worn.

    I just believe the amont of cushioning they have, I know now that i'll be able to push myself a hell of a lot harder and longer now.

    So I spent £330 on 3 pairs of shoes for gym.


    The nike air max 2013+ hurt my bad metarsal just sitting here so even when there worn in they WILL NOT be any good for what I need.


    I don't have the Saucony Omni 12 yet so cant comment on them but i'm 99% sure i'll never wear anything but hoka for my gym exercize classes now image.

  • Oh yeah, and in no way to these look like clown shoes to me, I was expecting big but they are an exaptable size and I know i'll have the bestest feet in our gym unless somebody else has them, I've never seen any1 image

  • Last update.


    Done a few classes now that are high impact and I breezed through.

    These Hoka's are wonderfull and they soak up any nasty impacts, I pushed hard, I pushed very hard and at the end I had a good foot and a good footimage.


    Even in Step class they was stable.


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