Windsor half marathon 29th September

Just received my runners information and number and due to lack of training will not be able to attend.


not sure if I am allowed to pass the entry on, I am sure you will all know. if i can and you want it I am happy to post it too you.


no cost but maybe a fiver to cancer research to cover postage? your choice.


reply if interested



  • Hi, I sent you a pm

  • 01101001

    I have seen your message but reply on this blackberry

    I will be back in uk on friday and reply to your message and it will be positive


  • I have another spare place if anybody else is interested? Susie

  • I am looking for two tickets if possible! If anyone has two available I would be very grateful if you could get in contact with me!

  • I just have one Laura, but do let me know if you find another and want mine too. Susie

  • Will do -thanks!

  • Hi SusieA,


    Do you have the place still? Or is it already gone?




    Rather late to the party but have the day free and will be nearby...

    anyone with a place going please? image


  • I have a spare place for Windsor due to injury.


  • Ooo, amazing (for me, not for you, sorry you are injuredimage)!

    I think today is the last day to transfer. I can't pm your profile, but if you PM me, I can arrange to pay you for it?


  • I still have my space if anyone wants it, no charge but may be small donation to cancer research to cover my postage, I am in the City (London 9-5) if that helps


  • Hi Johnny,

    Could you PM me and i'll gladly grab the bib?

  • left you a message Slinkz

  • Hi everyone, I'm looking for a spare place for this. Has anyone got one left? 


    Thanks very much! 

  • Hi WonderWoman - have sent you a message. Could you let me know if you do stil want it - otherwise I'll open it up to others.

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