Cabbage patch 10


Has anyone ran the Cabbage patch 10 in Twickenham? Cant see no reviews and would really like to hear of any ones experience before I enter.


  • Good race and fast - well worth doing.

  • Great race.  Race HQ is a pub, and some people win cabbages.  image

  • A blueprint for a good road race. Have run it four times. PB opportunity.

  • Well organised road race. Route is nice and flat and scenic in parts. Lots of club runners but not initimidating for beginners.

  • Thanks for reminding me. Just entered!

  • I went off with the eventual winner last time I did it - he ran 48 minutes and won I didn't!!!!

  • do you mean for about 100metres Grendel? image

  • Hi- I have a place for this year's Cabbage Patch, on Sunday October 20th, but unfortunately can't go as we've received a wedding invitation at short notice. Would anyone like me to transfer their number to them?I have the relevant form we both need to fillin...

  • Alex, it would be great if I could transfer your place. I have arranged a family get together in twickenham around the race and forgot to enter!  Not sure the best way to go about this. Do you want to call me on 07943 805 975?

    thanks in advance

  • see you all at the start. 78 minutes last year, aiming for 76 this year. triathlon training is boosting my speed. lovely flat course and lovely long sleeve top



  • I too have a place going - picked up Hoffa syndrome whilst increasing my training for it image let me know if you want to transfer place.
  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭
    I have heard on the grapevine... Its a tech tee this year, still long sleeved though image
  • You need to be under 60 to make the top ten ladies for this one Rach. High quality race.

  • Kelly- if your place is still going I would love to run. Meant to sign up but left it too late.
  • Sure sarah email me at

  • Thanks Kelly- I've just emailed you!
  • Does anyone else have a 'spare' place?

  • I'm & so's the wife.  Everything I've heard makes it sound really good.  Just hoping for a cabbage

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