The Vitruvian 2014

Hi guys
As a lot of you know I have been fighting the big C this year. I am not clear yet but!! I feel if I don't have a goal then I may fall back in to a hole again. So I have decided to enter the Vitruvian next year. I have done this a few times and know some of the older members of the Pirates have as well. When I raced this, the times I did were raced with cancer, I didn't find this out till Feb this year. I would like to race it without C and see if I am any faster as I get older.
What I'm hoping is that the Vitruvian shall be the end of season half distance race again, like it was a few years ago.
We get as many of us entered to make it a decent weekend of BBQs, lemonade and beer. And as we used to man the feed station maybe friends family could do that too.
What do you lot think ????????????????????????????



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