Calling GNR debutants...

Was this year's Great North Run your first? Or have you taken part more than five times? If so, drop me an e-mail with a daytime phone number, as we want to hear what you thought of the 2002 race.


  • Not quite in either of the catogories but thought I would write anyway. I first started running at the age of 61 to raise some funds for the local hospital who previously had cared for my wife.Yesterday was my fourth GNR and I intend to go on as long as I am able.
    Saturday was great day for the kids and whilst the new venue(quayside) was a bit cramped for spectators( 10,000 of them ) it still proved to be a grat atmosphere. My grandson took 30 to run it and the next two hours collecting autographs.
    Sunday saw a great turnout for the GNR and as ever the crowds helped us all along with there enthusiasm. I got in under 2 hours so I was pleased. The goody bags were a better idea - it meant 47.000 people did not have to look around for different locations for there medals etc., I was running for the lifeboats and they provided us with a massage ( the first in 65 years ) and food afterwards - all very civilised.

    A Grat Day.

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