Runners over 65 but not old.

Like it says on the tin.

If you qualify come on in and say your piece.


  • heading that way but have a few years before I need to draw a pension
  • JJ

    That depends upon your age.

    Anyway you're too young to be here, merrrr.
  • Well now, this turned out to be a popular thread...

 keep away from.
  • What an interesting thread to bump up.
  • As this thread has been bumped, I'm not 65 (quite a long way off in fact) but I think there's a fundamental issue with this thread. If you consider, people run for a lot of reasons, I know a few people who run to 'stay young'. Some may not like to admit their age, old or young, and by saying 'Runners over 65 but not old' you are minimising the target audience of the thread. There are probably many runners out there who are of the age the thread states but who are 'younger at heart' and thus would rather like to remain that way image

    I don't mean this in an inflammatory or otherwise sense at all, it's just my take on why the thread hasn't taken off...
  • As you get older you actually don't feel older. 15 year olds look at all the old 25 year olds and call them old. Ha! Lots of old people around then! And 25's don't feel old and call 40's old. 40's /60's. 60's/80's, etc, etc. So don't knock age. Age brings wisdom; we should all think young; we should keep running as long as possible; and we should all salute and make way for our elders! image

    65 and smiling!
  • I am 58 (next month) and have been running regularly for just over two years. My aim is to still be running three times a week when I am 65, so qualify to submit this post. My only target is to run 5k twice a week and 8k on a weekend with no time targets, just to enjoy it, which I am doing. I do try to add a few 'sprints' (probably more like running instead of jogging) to try to increase my jogging speed but that's about it.

    I did have bad knees before I started to run regularly, now they are much, much better. I try to run with good form, which I think is important, and stay within my comfort zone most of the time. I think that most people, whatever their age, could benefit by running easily, regularly and having a day off after each run. If you can do more than that then go for it.

    I feel healthier, am eating better and have lost weight as a result of running, so I for one intend to carry on as long as I can.

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