The temporary 2013 Kit Thread

Here is a link to the 2013 LG Kit Thread for reference

Please use this for reference but post in this thread with any updates/questions




  • Schmunks, seen your post on FB re: the need for more cycle jacket orders. Could I swap my Gillet order to once for a Cycle jacket please?. Hopefully that is OK for both of us

  • We have 16 cycle jackets now so we have met minimum. I won't change your order unless you confirm you defo want to swap

    Thanks for the gesture tho
  • Looking at the size charts again I am now being optimistic and I will loose weigh for next seasons racing so instead of medium across the board can I please have

    Cycling jacket SMALL
    Cycling jersey SMALL 
    Monaco MEDIUM - I still like a longer length on this one.
    BUFF summer as it comes.



  • Schmunks, yes, can I change my order *hides behind keyboard from impending stern face.

    No longer need the Gillet

    Replace this with a cycle jackey

  • The Kit Fairy wrote (see)

    Spreadsheet on dropbox

    (should be correct as at 5pm tonight)

    As requested

  • 9sqrun wrote (see)
    Blackbelt wrote (see)

    Note from Schmukee - The RW forum is playing up. If you are on this list you should have had an email from her with a copy of the spreadsheet for you to check your order. If you haven't then the recommendation is to post here again - QUICKLY! Ordering closes tomorrow.

    Hi Schmunks,

    not had an email yet - I was down for a cycle jacket, monaco, tri shorts and cycle top ( in yellow & black) please? Thanks, hope i havn't missed the cutoff by 15 mins......


  • 9 - please drop an email to the psofkit kit address and I will re-send
  • The Kit Fairy wrote (see)

    Spreadsheet on dropbox

    (should be correct as at 5pm tonight)


  • Please can all kit queries be redirected back to the original PSOF LG Kit Thread.  Thanks

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