Stratford (Shakespeare) Marathon

So, didn't get into London then. It'll probably p*ss down anyway, he said not feeling in the least bitter!!

Anyone know what the Stratford Marathon is like. I've got a place and it's only a week after London but I've heard tell of some horrific hill you have to do twice??!!


  • Hiya The Doctor,

    It's a scenic and well organised 2 lapper. I ran Shakespeare last year as a FLM reject.
    There are 2 notable hills which aren't that bad really until the 2nd lap when the one at 17 miles is a tad annoying, but it is short and there's a great (almost too steep)downhill on the other side.

    The downside of this race is that the Half Marathoners peel off at 12 miles so the 2nd lap is very quiet. I found the contrast a bit soul destroying.

    On both laps there is also a long straight section on a disused railway line route. While it's flat and enjoyable to run on, the 6km's of it seem never ending towards the end of the marathon.

    Although I probably won't be doing this one again, I can thoroughly recommend it as a FLM substitute.

    There's a load of piccies of forumites at last years event on
  • i don't get the hype over london... quite happy to stay close to home & do stratford.
  • 448 finished the Shekespeare marathon last year.

    My biggest event so far has had 4,000 finishers. Can't imagine being stuck in amongst 35,000. Gonna keep trying for FLM though.
  • Thanks Scotty. That helps a lot. I'm really looking forward to it.

    I know this will sound a bit hollow but the one down side about London is the vast number of other runners around you. My neighbour said he didn't see any clear road til at least 6 or 7 miles in, and I'm a lot happier with plenty of space around me.

    and you're right Ed no overnighters either. I'll be travelling up on the morning!

    Still ..... London eh????
  • Scotty, which hill did you run up if it was only short??!!

    I was one of the one lappers and was glad not to be doing the hill the second time. A good event though.
  • "The Doctor", there's plenty of ideas for other marathons here.
  • Doc,

    Taunton marathon is April 6th a 2 lap course it isnt flat but it is fairly fast, I enjoyed it anyway.

    Also the dutchy marathon in redruth has been moved to March 21st 04, if you need an entry form email me and I will send you a form.

    There is a Devonvale marathon in newton Abbott on 13th june, last year it was the first time it was done, and it was good well organised event, this year there is a half and a 10k as well.

    If I think of anymore i'll let you know.

    I am lucky enough to have got in FLM through good for age, but i'll be at all the others hopfully. see you there?
  • Quality Bryan. Stockholm on my birthday. Hmmmm ...... anyway back from the land of dreams. Lake Vyrnwy looks a good one too, but to be perfectly honest I'm torn as to whether to do another half ironman in Sherbourne or concentrate on running this summer??

    I think I'll see how Stratford goes and see if I get the marathon bug. I've done a few halves but this'll be my first!! (Gulp!!!)

  • A good marathon - undulating rather than hilly. Ran it 2002 (one week after running a PB in London). Would like to run it again.
  • Hey Doc, click on the link below to read a great Stratford report by someone who ran it last year.

    click here

  • oooooooooooo
    youre convincing me
    butwill i make the cutoff?
  • hippo... you can't do _every_ race that gets posted here!
  • this is instead of FLM ed
  • but if i didnt work loads of weekends, and icould drive, and i wasnt maried
    i would do em all!
  • theres a nice ultra in feb i hear...
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Boing. (For Rodney Mills.)
  • Great race report RC : but from the sound of it I think I'll have the Samaritans on speed dial on my mobile!!
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