running on antibiotics?

All trained up ready to go and scheduled to take part in the GNR this Sunday...then...laid low by a bacterial throat infection this week...just starting a course of antibiotics today (Friday) it wise to run while taking antibiotics...any one with experience of this dilemma?




  • Hi NBR I ran Reading half a few years ago while on antibiotics for a chest infection was a good few mins slower than normal otherwise fine. General rule is if you have a temp DO NOT Run and some say any symptoms above the head don't run anything below the head ok to run. 

    I guess if you feel ok do it but take it easy but if you feel bad don't do it. That's my tuppence worth.

  • General advice is to do nothing for the first couple of days and then resume 'easy' exercise. If you don't mind running rather than racing you should be ok but I wouldn't advise an all out effort whilst on anti-b's.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • What did your GP recomend?

    Personally I think it depends on other symptoms. If it is just your throat, not so bad, but if it's impacting your chest and/or breathing be very wary. If you feel ok, run don't race and importantly spend today and tomorrow resting and eating as healthy as possible to help the antibiotics fight the infection. but that is just an opinion and I'm not a doctor!


  • Thank you for the advice...definitely not having any chest problems or effected breathing...and will resist the urge to "race" or worry about PB!

    Dr (who is also a runner) wasn't very keen on me taking part in the GNR.

    But as 2wheels recommends I'm resting and eating well right up until Sunday morning...then I guess I'll make the final decision.

    So annoying! image


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