Talkback: What shoes should you wear when you're not running?

I like Vivobarfoot shoes when not running, they have smart shoes which I wear to the office. 


  • I wear lots of different shoes. Doesn't everyone ?
  • High heels for me.
  • flip flops 

  • I love my Vivobarefoot shoes - the running shoes and the ordinary ones!

  • Heelys.

  • I don't believe "should" but I wear lowish drop shoes to work, like Ecco Biom and Nike Flex, especially when travelling on business, as I can then take one or no other pairs for running after or before work.

  • KEmmaWKEmmaW ✭✭

    Flats all the way for me, often just non-running trainers. I save heels for special occasions where I won't have to stand / walk too much but even then will avoid them if I can!

  • Mr WorryMr Worry ✭✭✭

    Work boots or battered old converse hi-tops. Barefoot around the house.

  • Black ones. Some of them are shiny. Some of them have steel toecaps. Some of them are pointy. Some of them are flat. Some of them have platforms. Some of them have high heels. Some of them have buckles. Some of them have laces, but they are all mostly black.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    But do any of them have velcro?

  • No.

  • Imelda Marcos - is that you?
  • Hello Kitty crocs all the way.

  • Imelda Margoth says no to crocs. Even with cats on.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Wise decision, Zouse. I don't like velcro. I think it's a rip-off.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    My favourite bumming around shoes are Vibrams. I don't run in them (calves get too tight) and favour Nike Frees but for walking to the shops, gym or on holiday, Vibrams all the way.

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