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I have now been running for 2 months and have recently completed my first 5K fun run, which I enjoyed immensely!!
The day was extremely sunny and unexpectedly warm for an October morning, the ground was also far more hilly than I was used to in my training. This meant that halfway round the course my mouth became extremely dry and I felt considerably overheated. I decided to make the most of the water stops and after running for about 3K I drank what seemed like a tiny amount of water.....Anyway, within about a minute, I had a raging stitch and then another minute later I had the feeling that my intestines were going to explode one way or the other(don't want to put you all off your lunches!!!!). I managed to push myself forward until I was about about 500M from home then I had to stop, I felt so ill!!! I walked for a 100M and managed to jog to the finish getting in with a time of 27.22. It is the first time I have ever had a drink whilst running. I know you are meant to keep well hydrated, but I am worried that this will happen again. I am now training to increase my distance to 10 K and know that this will become more of an issue.
Does anyone know what I did wrong, or has anyone else experienced this? I would really like some advise...
Thank you


  • If you haven't had a drink on the run before, it is probably your body saying "Hey! What's this?" YOu need to acclimatize your body to taking on water when running. Can you take a bottle with a sport lid with you for your training runs, and start to sip as you run? Start with just water and a few tiny sips. It might help to roll the water round your mouth to warm it up before swallowing - also will help to prevent you taking in too much air at the same time.
    Do you have a drink before running, so that you are not dehydrated before starting?
    Practise will help on this one - it you do on to do longer runs, you will need to be able to drink on the way.
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