Ongoing flu-like illness so I cannot train

Over the past two months I have just been ill over and over again. I got ill in Colombia, got better then went to Jamaica for work and then got ill again. I just came to the UK this week and have been sick all week. I have not been able to train at all, today got worse, and just feel as though I am getting so out of shape that it is going to be ridiculously hard to get back up to scratch at the end of itimage

I think I need some inspiration to get back into it. HELP!


  • Go see a doctor image

  • I have been to a doctor in  Colombia, in Jamaica, and now in the UK. In Colombia and Jamaica they gave me pain killers, and in the UK they told me to wait ten days to see if I got better. image

  • Painkillers for flu? Can you see another Dr?

  • I know!!! I am going to try again this week but have to go after work which seems to be when the whole world goes to the hospital/clinic

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