First Half Marathon in the rain

I've got my first half marathon coming up on Sunday and heavy rain is forcast.

With the Bristol half and the Great North run both on the 15th I can't be the only person facing their first long run in the rain after training all summer in dry conditions.

I feel so unprepared for the rain. I've been really comfortable running in a breathable t-shirt and 3/4 running tights but I'm wondering now if I need to go out and get a jacket/ coat before the race. 

So what would your advice be for someone doing a half marathon in the rain. Should I be doing/ wearing/ bringing anything different?



  • If you're slow like me stick with the tights. My essential rain gear - gilet (keeps your core dry and warm but you don't get too hot), cap (tech fabric so it doesn't get dripping wet), wool socks.  Avoid anything too loose fitting.  And mental attitude - be prepared to end up cold, wet and miserable.  Great experience!  Good luck!

  • Running in the rain is great. Wear minimal layers, don't worry about getting wet (your skin is waterproof) and just enjoy it. Just make sure you don't get chilly after the race.

  • running in the rain is the best, enjoy it, 

  • Running in the rain is great. Just ensure you put vaseline or body glide on places that will rub such as your nipples. Hanging around in the rain waiting to start is a pain. As it is forecast for rain for the GNR I will get to the start and find somewhere sheltered and before I put my bag on the bus put on a pair of fresh socks at least my feet will start dry. I also wear an old T shirt I can discard as soon as I'm warmed up and a plastic poncho or bin big to keep dry. A plastic poncho is best because they have a hood and sleeves and your body creates heat to keep you warm

  • I wouldnt wear anymore layers in the race as you will soon get too hot a few miles in if pushing hard .

  • Take a bin bag, or a pac a mac thing from the pound shop to wear to the start then dump it when the gun goes. Just make sure you have dry clothes available at the finish. More layers will just make you wetter.
  • As above it's after the race you need to worry.  Get dry and changed asap.


  • Forecast for Lake Vyrnwy tomorrow is for strong wind as well as rain, and I've also been wondering what to wear. I've decided on capri tights instead of anything loose fitting the same length, as I think they won't be good when it's windy as well as rainy. My main worry is that I have to wear glasses, so my vision is really obscured in heavy rain.  

  • CM A peaked cap really helps if you wear glasses - good luck!

  • Wear the least you dare, use vaseline/bodyglide to prevent chafing, and make sure you can get dry and stay warm as soon as you've finished. Add a hat of some kind to keep the water out of your eyes.

  • Vaseline your toes and most important! Tape up your nipples.

    All the best for tomorrow

  • All of the above , ordinary running kit, hat , bin bag , Vaseline, nipple protection, no cotton, double bag your change of clothes if your not in the car, get your layers on as soon after the race as possible and something warm inside you, oh and definitely dry shoes and socks, sorry if I'm preaching to the converted , best of luck for tomorrow image

  • It didn't rain! - or atleast it hardly did. But I was fully prepared just incase. I hadn't even thought about bringing spare clothes.

    Thanks for the advice, it helped me make the decision not to wear any extra layers and just wear the normal t-shirt + capri tight combo which I was starting to regret in the starting pen but was very glad of during the race.

    Glad it didn't rain as I didn't have time to invest in a running cap 

    Got a time around 2hours 45 which was better than expected (although still slow!).

  • Well Done Scampy !!image

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