Saturday 14th September 2013


Lyrics - You pretend you're high

Awoke to the sound of rain...........

It may be a long day, if not I may be disappointed. Can't please some people image

What:                   swim/bike/run (hopefully)
Why:                    I'm supposed to be a triathlete
Last hard:            reading the weather forecast
Last rest:             13/9

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • LMH - I know you're not reading at this stage but go girl!!


  • Guess who's out of the water in 1.20!!  Go LMH

  • Go on LMH

  • Yesterdays lyrics: 'The Sound of Silence' by Simon and Garfunkel.

    40mins easy mostly off road today

    Sunny and dry start up here.

    Yesterdays word was Lum.This is an old Scottish word  meaning chimney

    The expression 'Lang may yer lum reek.' means Long may you live.

  • LMH go girl image

  • Go on LMH

  • Go on 535, do the thread proud. Show us what a proper triathlete does.

    Lyrics, nope.
    Grey, overcast, threatening, but dry. I think it's forecast to stay that way until the Gods of Wrath unleash their mighty force with a vengeance tomorrow.

    Training: 47 miles on the bike, 3 hours of hilly, hilly. It appears to be coincident to the minute with LMH's biking, except I can now get a nice warm bath and eat pizza. Not bad for a gentle session.


  • Afternoon

    Go LMH image


    What: 2½ miles
    Why: Its what I do
    Last Hard: forget no
    Lyrics No


  • Hmm, LMH's race people have another one of those data gaps that followers find frustrating. The live footage is interesting, though. The umbrellas tell me that it's raining.

  • frustrating indeed image

    I ran for 90 mins today. Slow. But it felt good to do something.


  • at least we know she finished the swim. and in a good time image

  • seeing 2 daughters in auld reekie
  • Rock it out LMH - I am so freaking happy for you!!!! Now go hard PIRATE!!!

  • Afternoon!

    What: nowt
    Why: legs are like jelly and I'm shivery..will just have to fight off whatever it is!

    Lyrics: no

    LMH appears to have set off like a train on the run!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • LMH - hope it all went well! 

    I had two phases to my run today.  Phase one was a half mile warm up then 8 x 2 mins fast with 1 min recovery.  Boy, that was tough going.  By then, I was about 4 miles from home so phase two was to jog home in about 30 minutes.  Was pretty pleased with the entire run, especially managing the 2:1 session.

    Lyrics - yup.  None of those on this thread! 

  • LMH doing well. Bike in 7:07 First 10k of the run in 57 minutes. Comparing that time with those around her she's absolutely murdering it, and must be overtaking loads. It's as though she's a runner. I hope that she doesn't overcook it. GO GIRL!

  • She runs like a freaking steam train!! Go hard Pirate Happy!!

  • fck! that girl is shifting !

  • hi, 
    sounds like lmh is doing well..
    don - another good session.
    blisters -nice saddle time
    lyric - dont think so

    what - 6 easy
    why - recovery. Slight hamstring tweak yesterday when striding out so didnt want to risk a long run today. Seems nothing more than a strain (I hope!)
    last rest - thursday
    last  hard - tuesday
    Lyric - not sure i do

  • Second 10k in 64 minutes. HALFWAY THERE! The next 13 miles is the hard bit.

  • 64mins for 2nd 10k image

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Most pleasing to see LMH's swim split come up (she's got a decent sized pair that girl !), maybe the rain helped the air quality or maybe it just attracted some focus. Hopefully she'll chick Blisters time from last week (ha ha - none meant), she's already ahead in the race for the household bragging rights.

    Blisters - nice to see you back on the bike again already, are you going to swim/bike/run year round from now on ? 

  • Yup I was all digits crossed for her swim! Got very excited to see her get out of the water under her own steam image 

  • gogogo girl!  sooo relieved she nailed the swim  image

  • next Split is up 69 mins. only 12k to go. very nearly there

  • Watching and waiting (LM.H) ....
  • She can't be far away now!! Come on PIRATE!!

  • LM.H Just in image image image
  • Yup just saw it well done LMH well done! You earned that beer!! ARGHHHH Pirate!

  • omg, huge congrats!! little miss Iron Woman image

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