Waterproof jackets...

Now we are approaching winter and given that I am now running in Wales (!), has anyone got some recommendations for waterproof lightweight running jacket?
Most of those I’ve seen so far don’t appear to be 100% waterproof (they call them ‘Shower proof’). Then again, would 100% waterproof be too sweaty?
Any thoughts? I know that this should strictly speaking be in the ‘gear’ forum but I don’t get enough time for this one let alone trying to cope with keeping track with another!



  • Simon.

    Twelve of the best are reviewed in the latest issue of the magazine.
  • Excellent - thanks!
  • See Storm Fit jacket thread in Gear
  • SimonF,

    Don't be so nesh. Your skin is waterproof, what else do you need. Running in Wales is all about the pleasures of rain in all it's forms from light floaty misty stuff to the sideways makes you cry in pain type. My favourite is the stuff that bounces so that it gets you on the way up if it misses you on the way down.
  • DB
    My God, you are right! What a softy I have become! I’ll have to change all that now I guess or I’ll never be accepted in this wondrous new land I’m in.
    It’s skins for me from now on!
  • Good to 'ere it butty! While you're about it get your spikes on and come and join us in the mud. Where abouts are you in God's Country, Si? (Don't forget we only use the first syllable of a name. Isn't that right Dra')
    By the way, who's coat's that jacket?
  • Diolch yn Fawn Iawn!
  • I'm in Swansea!
    And you Bear?
  • Arglwydd!
    A thread yn Gymreag!
    Sorry about the spelling dydy Gymreag ddim yn iauth gyntaf fi!
  • Sorry... I have a welsh flatmate!
  • Catardiff!

    Wow, you could have joined me at the Margam 6XC yesterday!

    It was wonderful, and no need for w/proofs.
  • You doing the Reindeer run in December at Margam?
  • Now I've had a taste of it, try and stop me!

    Did the Tough Ten in Weston earlier this year and got a taste for running around the countryside.
  • Weston's more my scene!
  • No need to apologise, jon I'm English too but have become a naturalised Welshman. That's why I'm cooling off in the water panting!
  • Check it out, it's a right larf...

    There's a killer hill in it with a very muddy descent ropes between the trees as hand rails. What's more you get to do it twice and start and finish on the beach!

    What larks!
  • Well, if you are ever passing through Newport...I'd keep going if I was you.

    SimonF, you was too soft enough by far.
  • In winter, give me rain to run in any day! Since rainwater is always above freezing (being water (: ), it has the effect of warming the air slightly. Very nice on a chilly/frosty day.

    So long as I don't let myself cool down too much during a run, I never have problems with catching a chill.
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