Advice re foot care for ultra please


I am running the GRAM- a 100 mile 6 day race in jungle in feb.
Does anyone with exp. of ultras have any best tips to avoid foot blisters ? better to soften them up or harden them ?
Any advice much appreciated thanks,


  • hi hubcap,
    long time no chat...check out the marathon des sables website and links there's plenty of advice.also the long distance walkers association site.they do loads of long hikes, 50k's and stuff.good luck
  • Thanks ! will do....
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    I would suggest that if you're doing a race through the jungle your biggest problem is likely to be potential foot rot. Your feet will get very wet, both from sweat and from the high humidity.

    I'd suggest having a couple of pairs of shoes which you can interchange on a daily basis to give each a chance to air and dry out (although if extremely humid there's not much chance of anything remaining totally dry). Keep all your clean socks in ziplock polythene bags to keep them dry. Use two-layer socks to stop blisters. Whenever you have the opportunity, take off your shoes and let your feet breathe. At night, slather Vaseline over your feet and sleep in thin cotton socks to allow it to be absorbed into the skin. Powder your feet with talcum powder before putting on your running socks each morning - helps to absorb moisture and keep feet fresh.

    That's about all I can think of for the moment!
  • Thanks Minkin

    Someone suggested surgical spirit to harden the skin before i go.
    I will remember the talc though !
    Yeah will be pretty wet and hot- so will have all the required fundal and antibacterial creams as well.
    I will see what happens c surgical spirit.
  • Watch out for the leeches.
  • And the rest i guess ! after watching the 2 programs so far on the parasites on BBC1 !

    Being a medical man i know too much ! malaria/ dengue fever/ Schistosomiasis/ Botfly larve embedding in your skin. Not t mention as you say the leeches/ snakes/sweat beas/ and that microscopic cat fish that can actually swim up your urine stream and barb itself in your you know what !
    I will be covered in DEET repellant and wearing long sleeve shirt and full length tights !!
    Should be good i hope...
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