Anyone ever run in India?

I've been made redundant and have just booked my flight to Bombay to spend 3 weeks with my sis-in-law....she lives in a suburb is a member of a gym with treadmill but I'd rather go running outside. Anyone ever been running in India (in the country) - is it safe, what's it like, will I get heckled or worse, will it be too hot?


  • Runs, India, too easy.
  • Ha ha. Didn't think of that one. I don't intend to do that sort of running..... I meant to start this thread in General so perhaps I'll restart it before this spirals out of control......

  • Funny, 'cos I've been thinking along the same lines, except that I might be going to Sri Lanka right in the middle of training for FLM 2003...
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