Is there anyone else out there who, like me was vaguely annoyed at the space given to George W Bush in the current issue of RW?



  • But that was down to him being a runner, rather than any policies he has ? If they were talking politics then that would be bang out of order, but I was mildly interested to see a feature on him. Maybe a bit too long, but I guess that was for the US market ?
  • No. I think a president showing off his physical capabilities is a good thing... Nothing atall to do with Iraq!!!
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Can't argue that he's not setting a fantastic example. You can imagine his frustration at not being allowed to run in a 'proper' race.

  • I guess that was what I found annoying - that RW just assume that we'll have the same interest in the US president as they have.

    Also I doubt they would have run such a story if Saddam Hussain was a marathoner (although I've no evidence for this assertion)

  • Fair point! But Saddam Hussein is a dictator! 99% of the vote in Iraq?!
  • >Fair point! But Saddam Hussein is a dictator!
    >99% of the vote in Iraq?!

    But it's Bush who's moving the goalposts and threatening war, whilst at the same time ignoring equally bad flouting of UN resolutions by others - notably Israel.

    My own view FWIW is that it'd be better to avoid the sporting prowess of both if them under present circumstances so neither of them get the publicity.

    Having said all that, I can't think of anything good to say about Saddam.


  • Pity they can't do an article about UK politicians who are runners - there are a few, but they don't seem very well advertised.
  • >Pity they can't do an article about UK
    >politicians who are runners - there are a few,
    >but they don't seem very well advertised.

    Maybe they should threaten to go to war with someone :)


  • I wasn't really aware of what a keen runner Dubya was. The article gave me some respect for him in this regard - although I still think his politics suck!

    And unfortunately my first thought was that the article was written for the US rather than UK audience.
  • It was a US Article
  • Anyway... Who's read the report from the 24th Sept and who has based their opinion on papers?

    Jon (Standing firmly on the fence!)
  • He actually motivated me in a strange sort of way - I remember reading on the web a while ago that he could run 5k in 20:30. Thinking "there's no WAY that I'm going to be slower than that retard!" I went to the gym that night and hammered out my fastest 5k ever, beating him by a healthy margin :-)
  • My reaction was, well at least he does have one saving grace (being a runner that is) - can't think of any others. And if he's frustrated at not being able to run proper races.....well he didn't have to stand for president did he?!
  • He'd probably like to do a real race, but only if his brother rigged it so that he won...
  • Jon - is your standing on fence position a new attempt to curb the after effects of too much Immodium?

    Just wondering...
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