Gripping With My Toe

I've been running 5/6 days a week for the past 8 months, but have started to train more seriously going longer distances, however i've found that I'm getting blisters on my toe next to my big toe from gripping, the shoes I thought where a good fit, maybe could get use a half size smaller but hard to get half sizes 8.5 Is this a problem with fitting or just a smyptom of running


  • Could be caused because you have a mechanical problem and you are gripping to compensate say, for example, overpronation.
    Try seeing a podiatrist.
  • My partner suffers from a similar problem, she often gets blisters between her toes as well as loosing toenails. I think she should see a podiatrist but so far she has resisted this suggestion. She has been running most of her life and did her first 1/2 marathon at age 13 (now 32)and regards it as an occupational hazard. I am not made of such stern stuff and would seek medical help for anything.

    I'd be interested to hear what conclussion you reach.


  • are your blisters on the end of your toes, or in between/ underneath?
  • The blisters are just at the tip of my toes, the toe next to the big toe that is
  • did you have your foot measured instore?
    Because of the design of the shoes (rider & creation) the creation does come up a little smaller than the rider, from where you have the blisters, it seems that your toes are hitting the end of the shoe and rubbing.
    When running the foot will swell about 1/2 a size from heat and pressure. This is the most common cause of "black toe" which is what you have described. All the Mizuno shoes come in half sizes, and a decent store will have them.
  • Thanks Jethro, you hit the nail on the head it's black toe, I have two black spots on the tips of the toes, anyway cheers, i've not had my feet measured since i was young, thanks for your help.
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