Great North Run 2014



  • Hope the 22 miles goes quickly Bearsted! 

    Morning Narrow Feet image

  • What a beautiful morning in North Tyneside!

    Did my first run post GNR - the Whitley Bay Parkrun.  Had a great run and beat my Town Moor PB by 40 secs.  Even better, got under 29 minutes for the first time.  Woo hoo!! New PB is 28 mins 50 secs, so next goal is to get that under 28 mins 30 secs.  Having seen all the kids this morning, my daughter has also been inspired to leave the scooter at home next week and give it a whirl with me. This running lark is infectious!

    Have also made the most of the weather by getting out and attacking the jungle with the lawn mower.  It was about time.

    Time for a breather before we head into town and hopefully take 3 points of Hull....

    Hope you had a good run Bearsted. If it's like this where you are , should have be great running weather.

  • Muckers - well done on Park Run

    Vixx - yes I made it go quickly by running it all at MP. Some would say not sensible but I did this for Manchester earlier in year and did a 5 min PB there. Another 22 miler next weekend but that one will be done alot slower (9:30ish pace).

    My York Marathon number etc came today so now really up for it.

  • Nice one Bearsted image

    Well done on your PB Muckers image

  • Well done BP.  It's now looking unlikely I'll be down to cheer on people doing the York marathon as I'm working the day before (Saturday) and I was hoping to make a long weekend of it image.  But best of luck to everyone running it.

    Was a lovely morning today, but I'm stuck in work this afternoon.

    The weather is beginning to get colder, but I'm looking forward to those lovely autumn days, where it's cold but bright sunshine and the leaves start to change colour - magic!

  • I love this time of year Shielsy image

  • I've just done my first post GNR run through the New Town up to Edingurgh Castle and back to Inverleith Park (if anybody knows Edinburgh!). Beautiful run if a wee bit hilly but it felt OK. In my post race euphoria last Sunday I toyed with the idea of the Glasgow Half in two weeks time but common sense has prevailed!

    Hope that your afternoon goes quickly Shielsy. Hi Vixx howz you?


  • That would have been a great run Wee Col! On Facebook you can find my pics of running up Arthur if you fancy a look sometime.  Which side of Edinburgh is Inverleith Park? Is it simple enough to assume Leith way?

  • Inverleith Park is about two miles north of Princes Street and about two miles or so west of Leith.  There is a great network of cycle paths that lead all over Edinburgh from there and we followed them for a couple of miles and then ran through the streets after that. A cracking wee run to blow the cobwebs away.  What are you up to?

  • Not a lot now. I was at ASDA at 7am, got a Starbucks at 8am, before coming back, unpacking the shopping and putting the rubbish out then going to the apartment gym to row for an hour.

    Then I came back, stretched, stewed some plums and apples to make a crumble, then got a tagine cooking for tomorrow, put two loads of washing on and hung it up, then cut my hair, had a shower to wash all the hair off and had lunch - and have washed and tidied up behind me image

    Now I am working my way through Season 1 of Dirty Sexy Money.

    I've just looked to see where the park is - nice run! image

  • I'm tired just reading all of that - have a nice night!

  • Vixx - I feel a nice sit down and good food tonight

  • Thanks Wee Col! image

    Bearsted - what's your recovery meal of choice? image

  • Anything with chicken in it - having said that I do like a good bit of fillet steak medium rare.

    Tonight a good old fashioned Shepherds Pie and a glass of ale.


  • Sounds good to me image


  • It was good and it was 2 ales 

  • Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. I have the evening meal cooking, but Sarah is having the journey-home-from-hell, so it could be a while before we eat image

  • It will taste all the nicer for the wait

  • It was overdone image

  • Ah well, one of those things.

    Hope yours was better! image

  • Sooty to say but yes it was - it is still one of my favourites

  • I've tried Google Chrome, IE & Firebird but none of them are ale to upload a photo. I can't even ink to the photo via Picasa. Bloody thing.



  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Just popped in. You are right Muckers it was a great day at Whitley Bay parkrun- you'll rarely see a nicer one. I don't know how you managed a PB though, my legs are still trashed from GNR. 

  • Which photo Mick?

  • It was my first GNR and 1/2 marathon, it was an absolutely fantastic experience from start to finish, loved it and can't wait to do it again image

  • Steve - It is a bug once you have done it once

  • I agree with Steve,

    My first half and GNR was an amazing experience. Even if I did injure my knee and have to walk the last couple of miles.

    I'm doing the Great Scottish Run in a fortnight and it will have a lot to live up to!

  • Lee-Anne - leave yourself some energy for the last 2 miles Of Great South run as it is nearly always into a strong wind.

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