Great North Run 2014



  • MadbeeMadbee ✭✭✭

    Whee!  Well done Mr sj, sounds a tough one but you made it!  I did the marathon today.  Soggy weather, but loved it image  Hills were nowhere near as bad as I feared.

  • Yes, well done mr SJ (and Stringy)  Sounds incredibly tough. 


  • Great report Mr SJ, glad you enjoyed it. I hope you can get yourself properly fixed before the next one though! 

    RLTW - great progress. Another 4 mins quicker next weekend?

    So how did it go Madbee?

    Midlands XC relays for me yesterday. Not sure how we did as they haven't actually published the results yet, but it was a nice warm up for the XC season proper. 

  • RLTW  - great runningrunning

  • Well done for carrying on mr sj.

    Good luck RLTW at Oxford next weekend- there are definitely some inclines on that course!  CC2- I'll look out for the results.  i think some juniors from my club were there too

    I ran the Hanney 5 this am- I knocked over 90secs off my time for that course but still 50secs slower than my 5 mile PB.  But i set that 3 weeks after the VLM.  My Garmin died seconds before the start so I had no idea what my pace was- no doubt I went off too fast and paid for it later.

  • CC2 - Yes, another 4 mins next week, if I can - That would still be outside my PB but for this season I'm just creeping back.

    Thanks Bearsted.

    Old Shadowfax - 90 secs off?  Minute & a half sounds even better imageHanney is hilly isn't it?  Where was your 5 mile PB?   I don't mind the occasional incline.  I'd rather have a short hill (up & down!) than a long drag of minimal incline.  That just saps my legs. Not looking forward to the BMW plant - a tad boring. The river was lovely and the Dreaming Spires were barely touched on which is a shame. I have a parking space right up on the Kassam complex this time, so at least I shouldn't freeze queuing to collect my bag this year.

  • RLTW- I set my PB at Marlow this year even though its a twisty course.  But at least I knew what my pace wasimage.  Mrs OS did the Oxford 1/2 last year too and enjoyed it.  But the queue for getting baggage afterwards was shocking and could have been very dangerous if it had been cold and wet.  Hopefully they've re-thought the issue...

  • Morning all.

    Good news...i'm not walking like an arthritic 95 year old as I was yesterday, following the Kielder Duathlon on Saturday.

    I think the weekend was summed up when my Dad asked "so what did you get other than a medal?", I said without hesitation "the satisfaction of completing it"

    Half way through the final run section I said to myself 'i'll not be doing this again' 'cos I was broken, but within 15 mins of finishing I was thinking if I was fit and trainied, I could probably take 15 minutes off.
    So I guess that'll be me signing up again for next year!

    Hope everyone is fit and well.

  • I don't know...i'm hardly ever on here and the day I pop over to say Hi; everyone has dissapeared. image


  • Evening Stringy image

  • Howdy Vixx. You good?

  • If you're bored, this should pass 5 minutes

    Kielder Duathlon

    It's my race report from Saturday.

  • I've read it! It's awesome as always image


  • Why thank you very much.
    I was hoping marathon photos would have some photo's up from the event but not as yet.

  • I edited some of my race report to save embarasment.
    Between me and you Vixx; Simon was throwing up all the way back due to car sickness.
    When he was throwing up and I was rubbing his back and saying "there, there, Simon, you'll feel better soon" I told him I wouldn't mention it.

  • What happened to Daley though??????


  • evening Stringy

  • Morning.
    Vixx, he was a no show. Couldn't handle the pressure. image

  • MadbeeMadbee ✭✭✭

    Well done Stringy, great report.  I have to say, I must be the only person in the world that loved that course!  I couldn't have done the duathlon, I'm the world's wimpiest and rubbish-est cyclist, but I thoroughly enjoyed the marathon.  I'm sure it's not the fastest course in the world, but I think having done the kind of hill training that's on my doorstep, they weren't too scary on the course - just kept a steady-away approach and pootled round in 4:18:59.  I was happy with that for a slow course and a first marathon!

  • Well done Madbee. First marathon! image Nice one

  • Seconded Madbee. Beeing Mad (see what I did there?) helps when doing Kielder.

    Great report Stringy. I love it when real passion breaks out into uncontrolled profanity!!

  • Well Done Madbee! image

  • Well done Madbee

    Stringy as Vixx said another brilliant blog

  • Damn you stringy ! You promised you wouldnt tell anyone !

    you're lucky i can keep a secret or i'd be telling everyone about you trying to 'soil' yourself on the run section just for fun.

  • Now now boys!!!

  • There's nothing funny about soiling yourself on a run! Erm, it happened to a friend once. Honest.

  • Hi guys im looking for some advice. Took up runnimg just over 2 years ago.

    I have ran 2 half marathons,  and im looking for the next challenge.  When would you go for your 1st full marathon? Is there such a thing as going for it to soon?


    Was thinking of Manchester marathon in april with it being nice and flat?


    Any advice? 



  • James - London Marathon was my first ever race.  If you can run comfortably for 30 minutes, then you could start training now for Manchester and have a reasonable chance of getting round.

  • Vixx - cheers, just ran my 2nd GNR and run about 15/20 miles a week so ready for the challenge. 


    Is the extra distance torture?  

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