Falke Underwear - WHERE

Finally read last month's runners world. Saw the review of Falke ergonomic underwear and thought looks good - would make great present. Searched the web - no where to be seen. Searched the Falke home page - they don't sell on-line.

Anyone had any success in locating these? Or is it only Runners world editors who get to try them out?


  • Stu92Stu92 ✭✭✭
    I think sweatshop.co.uk do the Flake undies.
  • Sweatshop only do the ladies bras. If you know exactly what your after they may be able to order them from Falke for you.
  • seem to recall that sweatshop will offer to order whatever you want (within reason) from a suppliers range. annajo should be able to help here.

    don't have Falke grundies but their kit is generally superb if expensive (usually get it in France)
  • Thanks for the info - I've contacted SweatShop, so fingers and legs crossed!
  • I think www.lessbounce.com sell faulke stuff.
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