Alistair Brownlee post race interview

Did you see it?  It was hilarious!  Ali. "All Jonny had to do was sit on Gomez then sprint past in the last 50m...what a numpty"  The interviewer and Chrissie didn't quite know what to say.  There'll be a punch up in the Brownlee camp tonight.



  • Yeah I think he called Johnny a 'tactical numpty'!  I'm sure we've all been guilty of tactical numptyisms.

  • Think he called him an idiot, a tactical numpty & said he'd thrown the world championship away! Hilarious!

  • Loved it!

  • Just watched it again.image  I thought Chrissie's insights were amazing though....and phenomenal and amazing in fact phenomenally amazing....and fantasticlly amazing.  I like her she's very positive...and amazing!  And tall...but you couldn't see her legs so she may have just been on a platform.

  • It was great viewing and very funny from Alastair.

  • She should have stuck to IM .. I am afraid her and her side kick left me cold

    What an awesome race and how more down to earth can thoseboys get ? image

  • She'll be ok Meldy I'm sure she'll watch the video and cringe do an 'amazing' cull and be much better next time.  In fact phenomenal!

  • Hilarious, we thought.

  • I'd lose all those BBC commentators and pay Patrick Winterton whatever it takes to get him to the BBC. As for Alistair, I love him for his talent first but I also love his honesty and inteligence when it comes to interviews. 

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Just watched it, very funny.  In fact it was amazingly phenomenally fantastically funny.  Apparently they are going on a holiday after this to climb Kilimanjaro.  Johnny will throw his brother off the summit - "who's a tactical numpty now!?"

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  • Amazing isn't it? Most people choose to rest up a bit and take a relaxing holiday after their season ends, but those two are going to tackle Kili. Last year we went to Cyprus for 10 days sea and sun.

    Have to admit though, after several days we hired MTBs and rode all over the island.

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Ha. Yes even when I go on hols with the gf I nip out for runs and scrambles along beach

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  • I went on holiday 2 weeks after my Channel swim... and did a 10.5 mile swim while I was there, plus plenty of walking and social dips.  What other type of holiday is there?

  • Pathetic BBC commentary. How bloody obvious was it when Al's foot first hit the ground on the transition line that he'd spannered himself? It was immediately and painfully obvious. And yet none of their "funny sport" commentary team noticed it. We had to sit through Graeme Bell bumbling on about the rain or something. And then the commentator spouts...

    "no sign of Alistair... unless he's already broken away".

    Increasingly amateurish. Hey ho. Gomez. Class! The best triathlete ever?



    slowerthanilook wrote (see)


    Gomez. Class! The best triathlete ever?


    We all know that title belongs to Barlos

  • Barlos sold it to him for a sausage and a pint.

  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    I also liked the (commentary) phrase "they're getting hammered by the rain!".  It was v light, almost drizzle.  I think generally they were all trying to spice it up a bit, but got carried away.  They need a Sean Kelly to balance it all up!

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  • slowerthanilook wrote (see)

    Pathetic BBC commentary. How bloody obvious was it when Al's foot first hit the ground on the transition line that he'd spannered himself? It was immediately and painfully obvious. And yet none of their "funny sport" commentary team noticed it. 

    Yes, it was obvious something was up, even more so when he started out of T2 (in the background as Graeme Bell was doing his thing) much slower than the others.  All it needed was for Bell to actually watch what was going on and he's have seen it too. 

  • I saw Graeme Bell in Henley last week ride through a red light. The numpty.
  • If he pays as much attention cycling as he does watching triathlon he'll be under a bus by the end of the week.

  • On the subject of "celebrities not paying much attention to the ITU Final", I was on a little trot yesterday afternoon, just before race time, when Chris Boardman came riding past. Maybe he knew something we didn't? Unsurprisingly nice bike.

  • " Ex cyclist in not watching the triathlon shocker "image

  • But "founder of the company that supplies bikes to the Brownlees not watching" is perhaps more surprising.

  • Next thing you know he'll be telling him to get to bed early and  to avoid late night

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    Numpty is such a  gentle reprimand.    

  • I thought the coverage was dissapoinying, the commentators just didnt seem prepared.

    Chrissie was particularly dissapointing, she has a wealth of experience, she should have been there to give the viewer some technical or 'inside' info rather than repeating how phenomenal things were.

    The cut to Graham Bell when the athletes were running the first quarter mile from T2 was particularly gawling, thats one of the most exciting parts of the race.

  • it was generally poor all weekend i thought to be honest - complete joke at T2 as they didnt know what to do.

    likewise when interviewing gomez at the end, they didnt care at all and she asked three pointless questions in a row.

    Least CW thought it was good, or should i say phenomenal

  • The racing itself was superb, the commentary was exceptionally poor. 

    Was laughing out loud at Ali's comments.

  • Thats spooky SlowerthanIlook - I saw him in Starbucks that evening.
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