Monday September 16th

Morning all, is there not a DTT yet?

RFJ, NZC good races, splendid training elsewhere - Don you're going great guns at the moment.

What - perhaps an easy jog
why - tweaked hamstring was annoying last night on a 5 miler, so precaution prevails.
last rest - Thursday
last hard - yesterdays was a bit like running on egg shells.

have a super day


  • quiet on here today!

    what: looking out the window at wind and rain

    why: deciding whether to "save" and rest my ankle or do a short run

    yesterday's SWotD

    wabbit: exhausted, knackered
  • eventually got myself out the door and did 7.5 along old railway track in the wet.

    SWotD: crabbit
  • Where is everyone?

    Safely home via a few hours in A&E as an eye infection made itself known last night on the boat.

    Blisters - it was actually the first time I have ever relied on the organisers for my nutrition, couldn't believe it when the promised gels weren't there. As you surmised hydration was not an issue though the advertised 500ml bottles on the bike course which I could fit into my bottle holder were changed to 750ml ones - which I can't get in on the move - however they told us this in the briefing so I knew that I would have to decant it into my profile bottle. The comedy moment was when I took a banana at the beginning of the aid station and held it in my mouth so that I could take a bottle of water at the end of the station - which I then couldn't open to decant as my mouth was full and I couldn't ride no handed! Ditched the banana, opened the bottle and tried to refill my profile bottle - but the water bottle top kept closing as I tried to push it through the top of my profile bottle. Was about 10k later that I had the bright idea of flipping the cap off the profile bottle instead! At least I was sorted for the next aid station. Blonde or what? Technically speaking I can change a tyre - but I lack the strength to get it back on, my thumb and fingers are cut where I was trying to make it happen with the tyre lever. Strangely I can usually do the mtb ones, they must be looser or easier as the tyres are larger.

    Great running NZC.

    Go on Paddy - you know you want to!

    RFJ - you sound ok with your result in the circumstances.

    OH - that's not such a little run so close to your race.

    What:                  travelling/hospital/travelling/unpacking
    Why:                   life
    Last hard:           sleeping
    Last rest:            15/9

    Lyrics -   no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Wanting to isn't in doubt!!!

  • Photo's are up here

    Only one of me on the bike so far but I think the ones at the start of my run (when I'm wearing my jacket done up still) tell the story quite well.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Afternoon

    LMH You are one tough woman I would  have  winced, cried if it was me really  felt for you there. Well done  for  just getting on and doing it. Hope the eye infection improves

    Good photos

    Good racing from RFJ and NZC

    What: 4 miles
    Why: a sod it moment planned on 2 miles....
    Last Hard: been a while
    Lyrics No



  • Thanks Pammie. Fortunately the topical antibiotic seems to be working wonders - I can open my eye and see again already. Good on you with the longer run.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • race numbers sorted for Langdale image - thanks Rod
  • Evening from a very wet and windy north-west!

    What: nothing
    Why: not feeling great! Was going to have a lie-in but then got a call to work: should perhaps have refused the offer, but it is a school that I want to keep sweet. Working there tomorrow, also, then my regular Weds/Thurs job, so that will be enough for this week. Hope to be back to the running tomorrow.

    Pammie: good to see the 4 rather than the 2!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Easy 6 for me today including 4 zombie chases - nice wee bit of speedwork but it plays havoc with the steady pace that is supposed to dominate those runs.

    Dustin, cheers, I'm getting ready for an assault on the XC season for the first time in a long while.  I haven't ran a full XC season since 1996/97 so I think it might be a learning curve again.....

    Lyrics - again, ringing a slight bell but not certain.

  • Evening

    I thought I'd started a thread earlier than 8am today ?!

    Oh well...

    OH Crabbit is a cracking word.image

  • Hey Iron, Those pics tell  story alright - Looking at the ones early run you'd think no way, but at the end you're as fresh as a daisy.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Good pics LMH

    Got felled tonight as chased by a dog, shame it could not control its owner, who couldn't even be bothered to say sorry, so slightly pi55ed off....

    5.55m steady / easy run

    Take care

  • She's a tough cookie that Iron LMH. Keep taking the meds and the eye will fix. I'm still carrying a bit of ear infection from Easter time, that never completely went away. I was advised not to try to get it fixed until after my IM was completed. It's not really a bother though unless I poke and scratch at it.

    I had a lovely run tonight. Wore new trainers for the first time, I've not had a pair of Asics for years as I kept thinking that they were too dear. Anyway, I got a deal, even if the shoes are currently quite white. The run turned out to be progressive, which is fine. I like that. Feeling light and bouncy. As I loosened up, the pace progressed, with a slight loss for a hill. Let's see if P& D have got this session in the manual:

    1- 7:57
    2- 7:35
    3- 7:36
    4- 7:33
    5- 7:44 (Sorry. Hill?)
    6- 7:25
    0.5 miles - 7:06 pace. Carrying a 5lb marrow that I was given.

  • Good luck for Aukland NZC, how long have you got to prepare for it?

  • Blisters - you are bouncing back nicely.

    I'm having second thoughts. I still haven't received my special number and the entry fee goes up after the 18th Sep. It's on the 3 Nov, so is not far off. I just might wait and see how I go. I've got a bit of a sore hamstring, so don't really want to pay big money if I am going to be under pressure.

    I have a 5 mile race this Sunday, so there goes another long runimage

    Great pics Little Miss Happy - you look so young! 

    What: 6km with Mae at Cornwall Park -never very easy running with a dog on a lead, having to cross stiles, dodging lambs and sheep, but still nice running off-road.

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