calf injury

after pulling my calf muscle 6 months ago, I have been back running for a while but continually get tight and sore calf muscles, even though I try and do plenty of stretching. any help?


  • what is foam rollering, and what do I need

  • You don't need a foam roller - if you have a rolling pin, that will do.

    Roll your calf muscle (front and back) and your thigh muscles (front and back) for around 30 seconds each, every day.

    My physio made me do this and it worked.

  • thanks, I have found some exercise on you tube, and yes it does bloody hurt!. Seem to have some pressure points along the muscleimage

  • + another one for foam rollering, works but painful.  I find if I dont foam roller myself for a week or two im in agony when I eventually remember so the moral of the story is a little and often.  Also, dont just do the calf, try the surrounding muscles as well

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