Ruptured Soleus Muscle : should I be running??

I ruptured my soleus muscle about 6 weeks ago, I have been for a couple of sessions of physio and the calf seems better, but my ankle is still slightly swollen.  I can run on it and it doesnt seem to make it worse, but my times are down and I do still run with a limp and slightly over to one side. 

I was due to do a 40 mile run on Saturday, will this make matters worse, as next year I want to look at improving my marathon time.

any help and advice would be fantasicimage


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    The fact that you are prepared to gamble on wether a 40 mile run on a half repaired injury is likely to make it worse, I advise you to take all your money and put it on Lethal Force in tomorrow's 3:50 at Haydock Park.

    Btw, Its actually a genuine tip.

    Its a grey.

  • You'll be fine, don't know what you're worried about 

  • Sooooo you're limping, and slightly over to one side ?

    No I cant see that a 40 mile run will do you any harm whatsoever........ NOT.

    Rest up you numpty !
  • LOL knew I was being a numpty nuts, just didnt want to accept that the husband was right!!  Any suggestions on whether I should be running at all, and if not how I can fill my time, its the bordom of not being able to run that gets to me!

  • LOL thanks Flob, you seem to have got the measure of me, but seriously any tips on training you think I could do, while I let my calf recover??

  • Thanks very much, back to the physio then I think, I will try hopping on one foot next time Im at the photocopier image.  I alway listen to the boss and occasionally I even do as he suggests......or my interpretation of what he said anyway image

  • Update on physio visit, she said I can run, but only short distances (assume around 5k) but said that cycling and swimming better for now, also allowed to do weights at the gym but to concentrate on core, arms and quads....she has strapped me up with those professional sportsman plasters and I have to go back in a week.  She also told me that you need to make sure your core is warm before you go out running, so if you run on a morning to have a shower before you set off and do quick stretches (3 sec hold) to get the muscles firing, but then do longer stretches once you finish your run (hold for 20-30 secs). All useful and obvious when someone points it out to you stuff.

  • My core is lovely and warm from being in bed.

    How did that horse get on Ric ?
  • the horse isnt running until 27th - looked it up - but will definately be putting a couple of quid on it, but it looked to be the favourite....have too much time on my hands now Im only running short distances lol.

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