Equinox 24 hour race.

Just wondered if there were going to be any Pirates up at this race on the weekend. I'm going up Friday, and thought it might be a chance Thor me to actually meet up with one of you.


  • I wanted to do the 10km but lack transport - will think good thoughts for the 24 hr race - mucho respect for that!

  • let us know how you get on - i know they are desparate for marshalls and are actually paying people £10 travel costs, i would have done it but got other races


  • I'm not officially a Pirate as only just found out about them, but will be in a team doing Equinox24! Good luck...I hate running!

  • Keep an eye out for me, I'll be the one with a motorbike next to my tent.

  • Cool, will keep an eye out.

  • Well, I survived, of sorts. Event was well prepared, from my limited knowledge. It was definitely an eye opener, being my first ultra type event. I think I went in a bit blind, having only ever done 1 marathon so far. But, I got a new distance PB and a new found respect for all you nutters that can keep going, and going, and going... Got a new target to aim to beat next time, onwards and upwards.

  • Well done, Richard! image

  • Was this at Llanberis? I was up there this weekend packing my son off to Bangor Uni. Stayed in a B&B that had athletes in. 

  • Nah, this was near Grantham. I think the Llanberis thing was The Brutal.

  • Ahh I see

  • At Belvoir Castle on the border of Leicestershire and Lincolnshire. We have had some great feedback and next years date is 20/21 Sept if anybody fancies it image

    Check out the website for links to the results and pics and have a look at our FB page to see what people think of the event.


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