Turkey Trot

I am thinking of throwing my hat into the ring for this one. 

Any veterans out there?


  • Do you mean this one http://www.turkeytrot.org.uk/



  • Hi Ben,

    I have ran this for the last four years and is a great event on a challenging but reasonably quick course. I plan on doing it this year (just had three months out with runners knee). I would be sat at your computer when this opens I have never known a race fill so quick i.e a day! The only negative about the race is parking, but other than that its great race for beginners and clubbies ,reasonable facilities and quirky finishing prizes. I have ran about 70 halfs and fulls and this is one of my personal favorites good luck

  • Hi Ben, I did it last year and as Ringo says it is a quick course despite the undulations. The fact that it sells out immediately every year reflects how good it is. Well organised, friendly, mug of soup at the end, and you might win a turkey. image

  • I shall be trying to get in, I will be straight on to the computer when I get in from work and hope I'm not too late.

    I see they are doing chip timing this year but of course have then had to put the entry fee up slightly.

    I loved the memento from last year, it's hung in the loo! I didn't find the parking an issue, you even get a bus to the start, and if you're completely conkered at the end of it all you can get a bus back to your car.

    Great event run by friendly people. Hope I can get in now!

  • The yellow hat was favorite. wifey didn't run that year But was kindly given one by the race staff last year. Great camaraderie and awe inspiring to see 84 year old mr turner competing year after year!

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