aldi triathlon suit

Hey, I saw an advert for aldi's cycle specials on the 26th september.


Is the triathlon stuff any good?


  • It'll be as good as any of their other kit, vale for money & worth a go (but its not Y&B)

  • Not sure about the trisuit, but I like the cycling socks. Also the cycling jersey was OK but the jacket had a rear zipped pocket fail after 3 outings.

  • It's ok. I had one for my first sprint tri but didn't use it much beyond that.

  • I use one for winter training on the turbo, but its not great TBH

  • You get what you pay for. I bought one last year - worn once, then discarded.

  • I love the Aldi Tri suits, bought 2 last year, use them all the time for training still going strong.

    I dont like normal cycling shorts so use tri stuff instead


  • I've just been to Aldi and bought some good winter gloves and overshoes, I tried them on as the overshoes are larger than stated, and i got loads of flashy lights to decorate myself during winter rides, there are cheap LED lights (micro led light set) one red one white that have a stretchy band on and can go on your helmet, bike or bag, also got some reflective bands that also have led lights on and can be flashy or constant red £3.99 for set of 4, also got myself an under helmet cap, again over sized as the small medium fit me nicely and I have a huge head, the tri suits look ok and the arm and leg warmers looked good, but I would try before you buy as the sizes are all big

  • Will be paying a visit later!  Do they sell stuff to make you faster?

  • I hope so as I've just kitted myself out, great value (time will tell I guess)!

  • I've had an aldi tri suit for years, proper good stuff, and it's not gone see through yet!

  • Havent used the trisuit, but i did make a beeline for my local Aldi last night. Spent £60 on loads of winter training essentials that i can spent the off season trashing and not really minding image

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