Legs giving up way before my lungs

I'm fairly heavy 14 stone but not that fat (well I am for runner) around 19% BF. 

I'm massively held back by my legs, mainly the quads, I spin for 15 intense mins 3 times a week so that probably doesn't help but surely 45 minutes of cycling a week shouldn't effect me that much. I don't do any other training on legs.

I do have cyclist thighs, I did half marathon distance the other day and managed just over 2 hours, I want to ideally be able to run a half in about 1 hour 30/40 And also to do some ultras in the future, I did 20 miles in just under 3h 30. 

I thought my legs would eventually get used to running again but they're getting worse, I don't know what to do?

I've had sports massages, been to yoga, been to stretch classes. I've cooled down and warmed up. 


  • To get good at running you need to run.

    You've told us a lot about your spinning - but where are the miles running ?

    I don't think it's your quads holding you back - Unless all of that 14 stone is in your thighs. Losing fat will help you speed up.

    You're doing pretty well on the running anyway - not everyone can run 20 miles.

    How hard are you running ? At a pace you can chat - or flat out ?
  • Sorry I worded it wrong and forgot to mention my weekly mileage, I try and run around 9-10 miles, then I try and do a hill session for about 1 hour, and then a steady run 30-50 min. On the steady run I take it easy and can usually breath through my nose but on the hill and long run, I run as fast as I think I can manage for my legs to last the whole run. And 9 times out of 10 by the end I'm always stuggling and I hardly ever come home thinking "I could of ran that faster" I'm the kind of person to push it too far rather than not try hard enough. I'm managing about 9.30 pace on the long runs generally starting at about 8.30 pace, slowing to 10.00 ish when my legs can't physically go any faster lol


  • Slow your long runs down you are running too fast!
  • Slow your long runs down you are running too fast!  (acknowledgement to Millsy!)

    I've used this analogy once already today...  but if a weightlifter has a PB of 100kg, he does not turn up to the gym and try to lift 101kg.  That is not the way to improve, but you seem to be doing the running equivalent.

    This is one area where you need a bit of discipline. Discipline to set off at maybe 10 to 10:15 mins per mile and take it steady.  It will build your endurance.


  • image Slow it down son!!

  • stu jstu j ✭✭✭

    Check McMillan for your training times.

    Based on a 2hr HM - you should be looking at long run speeds of somewhere between 9;33 & 10:50 per mile.

  • Thanks all

    I'd of never of thought that, I always thought I was going too slow, I'll slow it down. It doesn't help when there's a lot of runners about as I don't like being overtaken but I'll have to control myself and/or run with other people on long runs lol

    I'm still enoying it which is the main thing, I never thought I'd ever enjoy running. 

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