2 weeks til first marathon with knee pain

hi, sorry if this has been discussed before. I am running my first marathon in two weeks in Bournemouhave but I have got a bad right knee. I have been running 16-27 miles runs several times recently in prep but progressively hbeen been developing a real painful "pinching" to the left of and below patella. I'm guessing this is the fabled Runners Knee. Having rested for two weeks I went on a 30 min run today, only to find the intense pain coming back around 10 mins in. I am gettig quite anxious that the pain will really hinder my attempt and take all the fun out of the day. I'm getting new shoes to replace my battered Brooks' and hope this will help. Can anybody offer any solace or words of wisdom on the matter with 18 days til marathon day.

many thanks, Simon




  • You could go and visit a sports phisio. They may be able to help you out.

    Did you say you were doing runs of 27 miles in training?
  • No up to about 16-17 miles...I have bought some kinesiology tape to try

    • I have had similar problems, I have been having weekly sports massage and also found that rock tape helped rather than a knee support. I also am running my first marathon at kielder in 2 weeks ans have missed a big chunk of training through this.
  • i had similar problem 2-3 weeks before VLM, i had some physio sessions and it really helped, just make sure your taking extra precautions, ice as much as you can.

  • Unfortunately I don't have time to arrange physio. Bought new £100 Brooks trainers today which I needed anyway, and got some kinesio tape which I am wearing. Will try a couple of shorter runs this week, but afraid to do one last big run incase I really do bugger the knee up and don't make the start on October 6th

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