Ironman prep, 1 year out

So I've applied for a Macmillan place for IM Wales next year, and it's dawned on me that I'm the wrong side of 16st and haven't run over 3 miles since the GNR last year (when I reached 10 miles before my under-trained legs decided they'd had enough running with fatty and was reduced to a jog-hobble-jog strategy).

I've got Be Iron Fit on the Kindle and have had a flick through it, but looking for any tips on what to do to extend the 30 week plan so I can get a meaningful start made now. Personally I think I'd be best served using that time to get my running distance up, and work on swim technique ready for upping the volume once training kicks in properly, whilst maintaining a decent amount of cycling.

Any tips from anyone?


  • Base base and more base

    Work on weaknesses, maintain strengths

    Get swimming lessons if you need them, dont ramp up running miles and risk injury, get on the bike as much as you can

    Do lots of core work

    At this stage it is exercise and not training ...

  • I've been repeating the first 10 weeks over and over until I hit the actual start. Also, following advice on here I'm doing far more cycling than the plan says and doing it on hills.
  • I'd look at the swimming cycling and losing weight unless it's all brawn.

    Those hills on the bike will be hard with 16 stones to carry up them.

    You can march out a marathon in 6.5 hours anyway.
  • I'm 15 stone as carry the weight up the hills is a complete bugger but I'm getting better at it and the weight is coming down,

  • Cycling-wise I need to be getting used to the gearing on my road bike. Done a few lengthy rides over the summer on my mountain bike as me and the OH have got into camping trips on the bikes, so been doing 30-40 milers loaded up with tent, sleeping bag, cooking kit etc.

    Weight loss is something that's on the cards already. Not set myself a weight target yet but certainly plan to put a decent dent into it over the coming year.

  • i'm in for IMW now too but have kind of the opposite problem in being 7 and a half stone of very little muscle so have been cycling hills to try and build myself up. I might be imagining it but the cycling seems to have improved my running greatly without me doing very much running. So my plan for now is to do mainly swimming technique  (god knows I need to work on that!) and riding every hill I can find image

  • Article in Tri Plus this month about 1 year to first iron.

  • Ah cool, will pick that up next time I'm passing a newsagent that stocks it

  • bike a lot, run some and swim a bit

  • image That works

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