un-explained shin and calf pain

Hi There, I ve been running for about 2 years and had the most amazing time after losing 4 stone, This year i ran 2 marathons so far with most recent one been on 1st September. while training for this approximately 6weeks ago I had a tiggling sensation in both my shins/calves which at times were painful getting worse as i ran also could feel pain on my shin bone in a certain spot it aslo at time felt like my muscles are swelling inside my legs. I had shin splints before and  the pain appeared different and thought the source of the pain maybe coming from my ankles but not too sure. So i cut back on my milllage and crossed trained instead. Resting my legs a few days before trying to run again however even tho legs felt fine at start they soon started to hurt as before in both calves/shins so stopped again.

2 days before my marathon i went to my physico who informed me me that my legs were knotted up quite badly and he did a great job of removing them allowing me to run my marathon which i did knocking 20minutes of my first one. Since running my marathon the pain is back as before so have not done much running since. I am going to see my physico again this week, as it really strange whats happening to my legs. Has everyone else suffered with this problem and how did they deal with it?


Many thanks    


  • go to you GP.

    You need to rule out a stress fracture.  Your physio CANNOT do this whatever he or she may claim.  it can only be diagnosed by a bone scane or mri.

  • A gp can and will refer you to an orthopaedic consultant who will request a bone scan and/or an MRI.

    The main problem with the NHS route is the time.  In my case it was three months from initial GP appointment to getting results of a bone scan.  If you have medical insurance use it to get the tests done privately.

  • I've been suffering shin splints, I think, but I am concerned what is really going on. I have pain along the inside my left shin, which hurts when it's cold - if I start a gentle jog the pain goes after about a mile, and comes back once I'm home and showered and relaxed and the muscles are cold again. Im icing it after exercise and follow all the right stretchinh exercises. It is at it's most painful if I kneel on the floor, crouch or sit on my legs (if you know what I mean). Then it hurts and feels stiff. 

    Ive got no bruising or swelling, no redness. It is tender if I give it a good prod though!

    could it be a soleous strain instead? Any advice?

  • As above go to your GP.  The diagnois process takes several months so best get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

  • I have now with the bOne scan confirming the stress fracture.  it has not healed because I was following the advice of the physio to continue running at a lower level.  The physio wrongly diagnosed shin splints/mtss.

    Will now have to wear a cast to get it healed properly.

  • Thanks flob, I did wonder if it was or not given the pain diminishing with exercise. I'm not sure how to Foam roll that area but ill have a look on YouTube and see if I can find an instructional video.

    ive always had issues with feeling a stretch with my calves, it never seems enough....

  • Thanks everyone, I went physio on Thursday and he checked my calf/shins after telling him i was worried about what was happening he ruled out counterpartment syndrome and tibrial poestrier tendonitis which did cross my mind. He inofrmed me that my calf were bably knotted up again and gave me a deep tissue message to free them up. I do trust my physio as came highly recommended by numerious running friends and athletes in my area he also is a good runner myself which in my opnion helps and did amazing job 2 day before my marathon on them.

    I have not ruled out stress fracture tho however was in both shins and must be pritty uinlucky to have fractured both.

    I am sore little a min from him really getting into my calves and removing knots so he advised me to rest for a couple of days before running again which i am planning to do then try and steady 3 miler on Monday. He also had given me some stretches to striegthen my calves and to hopefully prevent it from happening again. Thanks again guys 



    I had shin splints and did run through them but possibly with what i know now would probably have rested them but we re all runners and sometimes resting is hard and and cant wait to get back    

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