Puma Stockport 10

And of we go again.

I understand there is a new route? anyone know why or what it is.

If anyone gets chance to take a look at the funny promo video its here


A running club with a sense of humour

keep up the good work Stockport



  • It fills up pretty quick as well

  • I like the video - another good one from Stockport and 'Mr Potson'. No mention of the goody bag this year though. How strange. image

    I'm looking forward to trying out the new route, which sounds like a big improvement.

  • I'm already in but that video is really funny. If you pause the video when it flashes up on the map, you should be able to see the route.

  • Just to warn people that the race is almost full

  • Anyone got a link to the new route? i know they show it in the promo vid but it would be nice to have a proper look

  • Looking at the video and pausing it at 1:30 shows the route, but I can't any change from last year


  • Can't wait for this years Stockport 10. Been looking forward to it for sometime. A bit of a change in the route is interesting and the fact that the entries are filling up quickly implies its popularity is growing. I understand there might be only a few hundred places left so get booking your spot now.

    See you there people and enjoy!
  • Quoting this gentlemen on fb =

    Sean Whewell

    Entry update for Stockport 10 - we are dusting off the 'race full' signs and expect the race to be full in next couple of weeks - don't be disappointed.
  • 1,100 places taken up so only 150 left.  Expect online entries to be stopped by Friday 18th October.

  • I did a 10k in Stockport in the mid-80s, the last year I did any running. I started again this March so have decided I have to do this one. 

    I reckon I'll end up near the back of the field but never mind - sure it will be an enjoyable run.

  • **Race Full**  Best of luck to all you lucky people who've got a place!  Happy training.

  • Race full nearly two months in advance.  Impressive indeed and a reflection of the hard work that goes into making it so popular. 

    Already practising reps up New Zealand Road.

  • Eric whats this rumour of a new route about? You've not made this flat or something have you? image

  • Cake - no flat route, that would be boring, wouldn't it?!  The route is on the Harriers website although there is one slight error in this - instead of running straight into Woodbank Park just after 9 miles (at the new car park) you loop quickly into Vernon park to the tea rooms/museum, round the hedges and into Woodbank Park via the reverse Park run route and so making the dangerous car park redundant.  The big Overdale hill has been taken out - you still have to get to the top but we've made it longer and so more gradual.  The horrible Harrytown bit on the main road has gone and instead you have a beautiful run down to the Goyt Valley and out at Bredbury Hall where we will this year have our second water station!

  • Excellent although I quite liked the Harrytown bit in a way I image hill's image See you there mate I'll be the fat bloke.

  • Is ther a waiting list? I know I have missed getting a place but just on the off chance?

  • Unfortunately the waiting list is extremely large so we're not taking anymore - sorry!

  • Eric,

    Looks like I'll be unable to run. Are you the man to contact to make sure my place doesn't go to waste and somebody else can run?

    I've developed an issue with my neck/shoulder and am unable to lift my right arm. If I can be fixed as quickly as the problem developed then I'll run but doubt that will happen.

    I'm gutted as this is my first year running for a long, long time. Prior to this year my only official race was with Stockport Harriers doing a 10k in the mid-80s. I also wanted the quality goody bag and tech top.



  • Ed, sorry to hear that.  You have a couple of choices here: 1. defer your entry until next year. 2. turn up on the day, collect your number and this will then also entitle you to collect your goody bag with t-shirt! To defer contact Alan Dilkes - ajdilkes@ntlworld.com - details on the Harriers website if this link doesn't work properly.

  • Thanks Eric.

    i'll look to defer as hopefully that way someone else will get to run and not have a place go to waste. 

    I did around 8 miles on Saturday but hill work with no arm movement is hardimage Also worried that unable to 'protect' myself if I slip on leaves/ice or just stumble as I'm clumsy.

  • Am looking forward to this in couple of weeks (despite not much training recently!).

    Please can anyone who did it last year advise on a couple of things. Firstly timing, I need to come on my own and to travel by bus / taxi so am planning in advance! How busy is the number pick up - will 9.30 be ok to arrive or should I plan to be earlier - 9 say? Do I need any ID / entry confirmation etc.

    Also, is there definately a bag drop available and if so, can I put any bag in? The last race I did sent us all identical carrier bag type things to put our kit in and would only accept those!

    Anything else that would cause problems for me running and travelling on my own?


  • Pink one of the organiser's comes on here so they will be able to give you a better answer I think but from memorary 9.30 should be fine and there is a bag drop for any bag.

    The bag drop through is low key so if you are planning on bring a bag I won't put anything on display. Basically use common sence and stuff. If I can remember rightly the bag drop will be a porter cabin it' will be marshalled but that doesn't meen they will be able to check everything with people coming in and out.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hello. After having to defer last two years looks like I'll actually be running this in a few weeks. I'll be driving - where is best place to park, and what time should I arrive? Thx in adv.

  • Pink - the mad rush for number collection is always from 9 until 9.30am but we will have up to 10 people on it so I don't envisage you having to wait for longer than a minute or so, if at all.  Baggage drop is available and will be under two huge gazebos.  There will be baggage labels for you to put your number on and attach to your own bag.  This area will be manned at all times.

  • Thanks Eric & Cake, that's really helpful and reassuring to know. Looking forward to it now I've got the logistics all sorted! image

  • Any last minute places available on this race at all please?

  • SK - sorry, but the race has been full for 6 weeks. 

    Next year we're planning on setting up the Stockport 10's own website.  This way we can make it the only means of entering the race and also set up a number transfer and waiting list facility.

  • RamjetRamjet ✭✭✭

    Hello 15W!

    The main car park is at the end of Edwin Street. If this is full there is a car park on Banks lane. Both are normally free.

    Good luck!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hey Ramjet - thanks. Everyone else must have me on ignore. Actually think I may cycle there now.

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