New Beginnings

Hello to one and all,

I have been one of these people who float in and out of fitness, I stick at it for the odd month or two and then I end up finding reasons for not going out.  Well I recently have said no more to that and I am trying to stick to it - It is after all a life style not a chore we do for the hell of it.

I am in my early 30's but have always been overweight, right now I am mid 14 stone mark but at 5' 9" I need to get rid of the belly etc etc etc - we've heard of it before.

I have entered my first 10km run which is coming up in 3 weeks, I was going to go for it (months back when i entered) and try for a sub 50 run but that was way too much like a dream so right now I plan on breaking the hour mark and hopefully get close to the 55 minute mark.  I think a fair goal.

I have been an avid reader of the magazine for a while now, buying it with the will and hope I would get into it again but with no substance but I feel time is right and need to keep the motivation and effort going from now right through the year.

If anyone has any thoughts or want to say hi that would be cool.


  • Hi. Jambo! Well done for still going for that race even if you won't get your original target. Maybe just keeping running should be the aim. For me, joining a running club did wonders for my motivation - especially to get out the door on wet winter nights. Stick with it long enough and your brain learns that its a good think. Maybe really focus on how the good bits feel (like when you've finished a run) and don't let yourself thoughts linger on those hard moments. It sounds like you need those endorphins.  Best of luck with it. image

  • I used to be same - dipping in and out. I'm also the same build/weight/age as you, so totally understand! 

    Like so many others, I read 'Born to Run' by Chris McDougall, which really changed the way I thought about running. Before, I used to think of running as a chore to do just to help lose weight etc. But now I think of running just to feel good and because I enjoy it and learn a lot about myself that way. Without sounding OTT and silly, I kind of feel that, in a way, running helps me be a better person in the long run (in a non-judgmental way, not sure I can really get this across in writing!).

    Actually, the thing that really set me off on this path (now running 3 miles or so 3/4 times a week) is this Oatmeal cartoon:

    Hope that helps.

  • I found that joining my Running Club has been one of the best things I ever did.  Now my running is about the social side, having a natter and catching up with friends rather than slogging away by myself.

  • Spooky, your weight and height are pretty much exactly the same as mine, I am doing my first 10K in 12 weeks, I ran my first training 10k on Monday and did one this morning. Not pushing too hard I hit 1.03 I am hoping to do 55 mins but will be happy with an hour as its off road. I train before work so have to keep some in the tank to work and walk to the station.

    How is the training going? Whats the longest run you have done?

  • Thanks for the advice - 'Born to Run' is a very funny cartoon and I am without a doubt a believer in the berch.

    I went out today in the pissing rain, managed 4.5km in 24:20secs which for a guy who hasnt got out there much I am pleased with.

    Running Clubs:  My thoughts are time, with a young family I would struggle and also a bit of trepidation when it comes to joining.

    Bring on the 10km - Will blog about training and see where it takes me - hopefully to a fitter me.



  • how did the 10k go?

  • Psynaptik wrote (see)

    Actually, the thing that really set me off on this path (now running 3 miles or so 3/4 times a week) is this Oatmeal cartoon: 


    Wow, thanks! 

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