knee pain

I know that there are a lot of threads on this subject, but my left knee has given up on me. 

I've only been running for about a month, I've come to really enjoy it. Actualy looking forward to finishing work so i can go out for a run.

last week it started hurting along the left side of my leg by the knee then spreading along my knee, i can run through the pain (struggle towards the end) but when i finish and take a break thats when the real pain hits, causes me to limp. stairs are the real killer. Monday was my last run, the knee is still in pain now, nowhere near what it was on Monday though

i've decided to take a few days off, maybe go out this friday night, would using a knee support help? any ideas on what i can do?

made an appointment to see GP, month wait for an appointment!


  • Look up ITBand Iliotibial Band

    Oh, and you will probably get a bit more help on the Health and Injury forum image

  • great, That sounds exactly like what's wrong

  • I had it for about 6 weeks. Walking downstairs was hell.  I tried resting it and stuff didn't make much difference, a combination of running through it, trying to build up leg muscles and using ice packs and frozen peas and it just went but for six weeks maybe eight weeks was bloody painful.

    Best thing I did was avoid going down stairs as much as possible used lifts even for 1 floor and went sideway like a crab downstairs when i had to use them.  Rested it as much as I could generally.

    I think there are all sorts of recommended ways of trying to help, from what I read once it hurts it hurts. I don't think you can actually do any more damage, if it's even damadged so I just said sod it and carried on running pain goes after first couple of miles, but was  a bitch after.

  • IT Band syndrome is a pain in the backside. I've written several posts over on my blog about it ( - all from my own experiences! There are some decent links and videos there to stretches and other things you can do to help. 

    To summarise:

     - Running rest is key, butou should be able to cross-train (possibly bike, probably rowing machine) to maintain fitness so give that a go for a couple of weeks while the aggravation calms down

     - Stretch (see the video links on my blog)

    - Build up your leg and hip strength. Clams, lateral legs raises, pistol quats and reverse bridges are all good options. Strength training is often more effective in helping your IT Band than stretching is.

     - You'll probably find that you can run uphill fine (I certainly could), so try running hill repeats if you want to continue running without causing further aggravation [just be sure to walk back down the hill rather than run]

    - Foam roll like crazy (not just the IT Band, but also the surrounding areas (hamstrings, glutes, quads) - target specifically sensitive areas with a tennis ball if required

     - See a physio - they'll hurt you, but in a good way through various release techniques.



  • All is not lost Wayne James2! I've run on and off for a few years and then developed IT Band syndrome earlier this summer while training for my first marathon.

    Rested it over the summer (went away for 6 weeks so couldn't run anyway) and then had a session of physio at the start of September and started doing some of specific stretches to help. Also got a foam roller. Physio also advised me to take a couple of ibuprofen before long runs to help reduce inflamation. Since then I've had less and less pain and ran a painless Loch Ness marathon last week. 

    It sounds like some people get it and it stays - maybe I was fortunate, but it seemed to clear up when I was shown how to deal with it.

    Good luck!

  • Wayne James 2, how are things now? 

    Unlike DP J77 my Loch Ness Marathon was a  pain - in my knees! gladly it seems to have gone now (5 mile recovery jog today).

    If you have pain then a doctor/fizz would be the best place for advice imho though have just been introduced to Arnica Gel and it seems to cure all ills (for me) and rubbing it on my temples even (seems) to cure headaches!

  • I have suffered on and off with my knees and do stretches which really help out. There are so many different knee problems that you really ought to see a physio, and one that deals with sports injuries to help. The GP will be of little help as you'll just get the standard "running is bad for your knees" response unless they're a runner themselves. 


  • Must admit I had real issues with my knee too - when I went from 1 mile to 2.5 miles. Don't laugh - I'm doing my best! I was really worried because like a plonker I have entered the London Marathon next year and need to learn how to run in time. The pain actually stopped me running and was bad going up and down stairs. I went to see a physio and he said inflamed fat pads. I know, how rude! Anyway - he gave me some ultrsound treatment and I used ice a lot, and it seems ok now. It groans, creaks, clicks and so on, but at least the pain seems to have gone. I also use one of those under knee bands too for extra supoort. Dont give up I say! Good luck.

  • My pain as almost gone completely. i managed 4 miles Thur and Sat, and felt a little twinge but nothing near what i felt a couple of weeks back.

    Going out again later, hope the pain has gone for good.

    I've had a letter to make an appointment to see Physio, i dont know whether i will as i'm not in any serious pain atm,

    Thanks for all you're help guys, this forum rocks image

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